Leaseweb clients deserve personal attention

Our organization is growing fast, with a lot of new clients entering, even during these days of recession.  The recent nomination of our parent company OCOM for the Deloitte Fast50 ( in the Benelux displays the structural growth pattern, also of Leaseweb, over the last couple of years.  Growth is not everything for us however, client satisfaction is at least as important.  Therefore we have decided to put more focus on key-account management.  That is to say, personal attention for the accounts within our client base.  Major clients will be adjudged a personal account manager with a proactive approach to their evolving hosting needs.

Interaction with our key-accounts

More attention for our key accounts will hopefully help the pace and manner in which the online businesses of Leaseweb clients develop.  We would like to create a relationship by which our account managers will personally communicate the latest developments within Leaseweb and the overall hosting market.  They will also listen to individual needs within client organizations, so they can help clients out with our overall and client specific offerings and/or knowledge and be the contact for these clients.

At this moment developments within hosting are going fast, with new technologies arising, among which virtualization of server and storage environments.  We want to share our knowledge on these subjects in a personal way and display the efforts we put in providing new technologies including the expansion of our existing services.

Enterprises and resellers

The ongoing accretion of new clients is important to us because scale extension gives us a guarantee that the purchasing power of Leaseweb will remain stable and that we’re able to maintain our excellent price/quality ratio.  On the other hand we really want to work on our relationship with existing clients, especially the ones that can profit financially and business wise from a better insight in developments on the hosting side.

Value-added resellers, internet professionals and enterprises…they might like it when they more frequently will be informed by us about product and hosting market developments, to get frequent input with actual price developments and promotions, and to get a comforted feeling that their hosting solution is in safe hands.  For the ones who don’t, just let us know.

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