Innovation is key to our hosting services

As a serious and market leading hosting provider (top-5 in Europe, top-20 worldwide) Leaseweb wants to keep the company as innovative as possible. Why? Because the hosting market, hosting client needs, and accordingly its hosting services are evolving quickly. To name a few developments. Energy needs for CPU power and cooling in the datacenter environment are growing fast. More and more clients currently are asking for virtualization solutions because of its scalability, flexibility and cost efficient features.

Bandwidth demands are rising too, due to the penetration of video in web environments on a broad scale (our network is the proof, with currently 440 Gbps in use and 810 Gbps available). And streaming hosting clients ask for new ways to deliver their content to end-users. An innovative attitude towards our hosting services therefore is very important for our current but definitely for our future hosting product offerings.

Content Delivery Network

Innovation for us means that we never take our products and/or processes for granted. We constantly take a critical look at our proposition and our market approach, even when it worked out fine in the past. By this we are taking care of the future hosting needs of our clients. At this moment the people from Leaseweb are working on multiple innovative projects. They are working on datacenter energy saving projects for example and projects that lets us provide new technologies including the expansion of our existing line of dedicated servers, the development of cloud computing, a CDN – a Content Delivery Network and more tools for our customers to control the services they have with Leaseweb. Apart from this we are constantly working on the performance of our extensive network, which efforts obviously pay off by having an uptime of 99,999 percent.

In the end an innovative culture within the Leaseweb company will result in the right hosting products being offered at the right time. Not too early, but certainly not too late. It also means creating a maximum of efficiency in our working processes, so we can guarantee clients our good price/quality ratio also years from now.

  1. D.Ilyin
    October 27, 2009 at 10:09

    >>(top-5 in Europe, top-20 worldwide)
    Where can i find this info?
    Or it’s only words? Please provide a link.

  2. Cirrus Hosting
    Cirrus Hosting
    March 2, 2022 at 11:48

    Excellent Blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge with us. I would love to see more updates from you.

  3. WebHosting UK
    WebHosting UK
    July 26, 2023 at 9:18

    Well said!! CDN really helps to improve load time and reduce costs. This kind of innovation helps many hosting providers provide excellent services.

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