Introducing Leaseweb’s Terraform Plugin

Organizing infrastructure and the various teams involved can create confusion and headaches. Terraform is an excellent tool for managing infrastructure as it gives you easy control over all your infrastructure from one place.  As part of our effort to provide customers with more tooling to help them manage their infrastructure in a simple and reliable […]

Infrastructure Monitoring Explained

Monitoring your IT infrastructure is a critical part of ensuring both internal and external performance.  Just as your business continues day-in and day-out, your services need to be provided in the same fashion. If something goes wrong, you need to know about it and fix it as quickly as possible. The best practice is to […]

New Research Reveals 5 Big Cloud Infrastructure Trends

This year at DeveloperWeek Austin, the largest developer event in Texas and the southern US, we took the opportunity to conduct a survey of attendees – including developers/engineers, developer managers and executives. This “Developer IaaS Insights Study” revealed a number of current industry trends and confirmed Leaseweb USA’s own experiences of the rapidly evolving cloud […]

From Ops to Devops: a Story About Transformation

Over the last couple of years Leaseweb’s product engineering department has gone through some major changes, and by far the biggest was how our product engineering department has evolved. In earlier blogs, my colleagues Arnoud and Sander already talked about Maturity models and scaling our engineering department. However, I want to tell you about how, […]

Create More Efficiency for DevOps by Automating Security Patches

At Leaseweb we are always looking for ways to automate tasks and processes to make the work of our engineers easier and allow them to spend more time on innovation rather than repetitive tasks. One of those tasks is the installation of (monthly) recurring security updates (Windows, Linux, etc.). Not every company has the latest […]