New Research Reveals 5 Big Cloud Infrastructure Trends

This year at DeveloperWeek Austin, the largest developer event in Texas and the southern US, we took the opportunity to conduct a survey of attendees – including developers/engineers, developer managers and executives. This “Developer IaaS Insights Study” revealed a number of current industry trends and confirmed Leaseweb USA’s own experiences of the rapidly evolving cloud market. Here’s what we learned:

Hybrid and private cloud are the infrastructures of the future

The power, speed, flexibility and functionality of dedicated, hybrid and private cloud infrastructure environments are undeniable. The industry has seen companies shifting back to custom solutions designed to fit their exact needs. Our survey revealed that nearly two thirds of organizations (61.4%) see hybrid cloud or private cloud as the infrastructure for the future of their company (31.6% and 29.8% respectively).

Despite consistent predictions that public cloud popularity would soar, public cloud alone does not offer the flexibility most companies are seeking for both today’s environment and expected growth. Hybrid cloud solutions, such as Leaseweb’s, can help businesses adapt to changes and enable them to grow regardless of the challenges they face.

Most companies are reevaluating their DevOps infrastructure and will either be migrating to or considering solutions in the near term

Less than 20% of respondents believe they are using the industry standard, are happy with the performance of their infrastructure and have no plans to change. That means over 80% are on the market, so to speak, and open to finding solutions that more thoroughly meet their hosting and infrastructure requirements.

Leaseweb understands how critical deploying the right DevOps infrastructure is for any organization. That’s why we’ve developed a maturity model for DevOps teams. We’ve seen this maturity model inform our DevOps teams over the last five years, guiding us to greater growth and client satisfaction. In addition, a consistent emphasis on honest feedback, growth and agility remains important to Leaseweb with the DevOps mindset routinely informing our work and services.

Hosting needs and capabilities are evolving quickly to keep up with business evolution

To get a sense of the pace of migration, we looked at plans for the next two years and found that 51.7% of respondents plan on migrating while 26.7% have not yet made a decision as to whether they will migrate in the same timeframe.

A comprehensive package takes the stress out of migration. Our experts can handle the most complex requirements, diverse cloud architecture, and the unique business needs of every customer.

Companies most value scalability, speed, ease of use and cost

We’ve prioritized enabling customers to select the computer power, memory, network and storage packs that fit their unique business needs. We then combine those resources into a comprehensive suite of hybrid or private cloud services for maximum flexibility and value.

Learning that three quarters (75.9%) of respondents chose scalability, speed, ease of use and cost as the top factors when evaluating IaaS hosting solutions wasn’t surprising to us.

The biggest barriers to migration are cost and the overwhelming scope of the undertaking

Cost of migration and size of the job were identified as a top barrier by 37.5% of companies and cost alone was identified by 24.2%. To assist developers who are looking for the right fit for their company’s DevOps infrastructure needs, providers need to first address these barriers and educate them through the process. 15% aren’t sure what to outsource, 8.3% are not finding the right partner and 3.3% are held ransom by public cloud providers, which is understandable since – unlike the hybrid cloud providers – they typically offer an ‘all-in’ strategy.

Looking to the Future

Despite the challenges facing organizations as they move into a future transformed by digital innovation, the pace of change is unrelenting. But as a leading IaaS provider, Leaseweb already offers a comprehensive range of services that enable customers to meet their hosting and infrastructure requirements.

We have more than 80,000 servers under management, have provided infrastructure for mission-critical websites, applications, email servers, security and storage services since 1997. We operate 20 data centers in locations across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, offering a superior worldwide network with a total bandwidth capacity of 6+ Tbps and a core network uptime of 99.999%.

That’s why trusted brands work with Leaseweb to build agile cloud strategies that adapt to their exacting needs. For more information about how we can help you embrace new cloud opportunities, visit