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Is it important for a hosting provider to grow significantly? Leaseweb is the largest business hosting provider in the Netherlands as well as ranked in the worldwide top 20, and it just so happens that we are growing very quickly which makes that question easier to answer in the affirmative. But believe us when we say that growth in and of itself is not an objective to us; it has a clear reason.

Customers tell us, on a regular basis, that we offer a remarkably good price/quality ratio. Lots of value for your money. Lots of bandwidth, leading brand equipment, services including lots of extras for which other providers charge additional fees. If you are to stand by such a proposition in the long term, you simply need to achieve a certain size. Size gives you buying power, but it also guarantees that our network will be so big in the future that we can continue to offer lots of bandwidth.

Reseller hosting

Clearly, another important element is what kind of hosting provider you are. A managed hosting provider is less likely to feel the need to maintain that attractive price/quality ratio. Leaseweb supplies the building blocks upon which managed hosting providers, web integrators and web designers can build their internet services. So we do feel that need. Our customers must be able to deliver a high-quality product at prices allowing them to make money as well.

In the past year, we have amply achieved Leasewebs growth objectives and more. We have doubled the number of servers (currently 15,000) and the bandwidth in our network (500 Gbps). October and November, which were marked by recession, even show our best sales figures ever. As a result, no one needs to worry about stagnating growth.

  1. Innerclick
    February 11, 2009 at 21:25

    I have seen the company grow like a tree I have seen only good for them.

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