New Leaseweb Features – May 2023

We’re excited to announce a range of new features that our customers can now enjoy at Leaseweb. These include changes to the Customer Portal, Domain Hosting, and CDN. Check them out for yourself below!

New Customer Portal Features

Download Invoices in CSV Format from Customer Portal Finance Page

You can now download your invoices in a CSV format directly from the finance page in the Customer Portal. This new feature makes it even easier to manage your invoices and payments and allows you to easily integrate your invoice data with your accounting software.

New Web/E-Mail/Domain Hosting Features

Import/Export DNS zones from the customer portal

You can now import and export your DNS zones directly from the customer portal. This new feature makes it easier to manage your DNS settings and allows you to quickly transfer your DNS configurations across different accounts or domains.

Auto-renew SSL with AAAA records for web hosting

Now SSL certificates and AAAA records for your web hosting services can be renewed automatically. This new feature ensures that your SSL certificates and AAAA records are always up to date and that your website is secure and accessible to your customers.

New Dedicated Server Features

Enable Floating IP in the SYD-12 data center

You can now purchase Floating IP’s in SYD-12 directly from the platform. Floating IP’s allow you to assign an additional IP that can be moved between servers. This allows you to move an active IP to another server in case of backup or fallback scenarios.

New CDN Features

Raw Logs download feature

This feature allows you to access and analyze the raw logs generated by our systems, providing you with deeper insights into your traffic and performance.

Added new “Origins” endpoint on our new API

This new endpoint enables you to easily manage your origin settings and optimize your content delivery. We hope this new feature will provide you with greater flexibility and control over your content delivery and improve your overall experience with our platform.

If you have any questions about these new features, feel free to reach out to us or leave a comment down below!

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