What Is the Best Cloud Solution for Your Business?

So, you’ve decided it’s time to take that next step for your business and move to the cloud. But which cloud product exactly is right for your needs? 

When planning your cloud-journey based on Leaseweb cloud infrastructure services, you may benefit from a quick introduction in what each of the products is best suited for. 

The core of cloud compute infrastructure is typically the server that hosts your software applications and data. The server needs to offer relevant compute performance at the right cost. Since compute and storage performance also depends on the software application and use-case, the server product selection is done case-by-case. You can select out of different server options to best meet the needs of the application, usage and budget. 

Low-cost infrastructure services have been made possible based on standardization, self-service, and shared infrastructure resources. Alternatively, dedicated, managed and private cloud infrastructure resources are still also available, at relatively low cost compared to the market. 

Leaseweb Cloud Compute Variations Explained

At Leaseweb, we have a number of cloud compute solutions depending on your workload needs.

Virtual Private Server

Do you need a simple stand-alone server for a general purpose workload? A Virtual Private Server (VPS) can be ordered online in standard sizes and managed and upgraded via the Customer Portal. It is an easy and cost-effective solution. With a single public IPv4 address, it has direct public internet connectivity. Reminder: Leaseweb Private Network is not an option on a VPS.

Elastic Compute Cloud

Do you need multiple servers for general purpose workloads, that can also interconnect over internal networks and/or Leaseweb Private Network? Then Virtual Machines in Leaseweb Elastic Compute Cloud is the next best option. VMs can either have a public IP address and direct public internet connectivity, or an internal IP address and internet connectivity via a virtual router (NAT). The platform offers all kinds of built-in virtual private cloud features, including internal/isolated networks, firewalling, load balancing, VPN, NAT, routing, and more. Powered by Linux KVM hypervisor technology and open-source orchestration tooling by Apache Cloudstack – it is the perfect fit for users of Linux and open-source software. 

VMware vCloud

If you want similar features as described above, however with a focus on Microsoft software, like Windows Server, or you simply prefer VMware, then choose to deploy Virtual Machines in a Virtual Data Center (VDC) in Leaseweb VMware vCloud (VMware Cloud Director). The VDC is running on a multi-tenant (or shared) platform.  

VMware vSphere

Looking for a dedicated single-tenant private cloud platform? Choose VMware vSphere cloud or VMware HCI cloud, providing dedicated hypervisor servers for your workloads only. These are managed platforms by Leaseweb, including VMware licensing. Two storage options are available, either Cloud Storage (SAN-based) in the so-called VMware vSphere cloud, or hyper-converged (VMware vSphere/vSAN/NSX-T) in the VMware HCI cloud. These products also include more options to interconnect with other networks. 

Dedicated Server

If you prefer a doityourself style, consider a dedicated server, also known as bare metal. Either order dedicated servers individually or choose a combination with a dedicated rack to place your servers together, with additional options for power redundancy, network redundancy and network connectivity. 


Want to do more yourself? Consider a colocation rack to house your own equipment: bring your own equipment. With Remote Hands support you can ask Leaseweb staff to interact with the physical hardware on your request. 

Hybrid Cloud

Finally, you can combine the different public and private cloud products into a Hybrid Cloud using, for example, Leaseweb Private Network to privately interconnect the different products. Or, if some of the products are with other cloud providers, like AWS, GCP or Azure, use Leaseweb Cloud Connect to privately interconnect between Leaseweb cloud infrastructure and the infrastructure of the other cloud provider. 

Leaseweb Cloud Storage Options Explained

There are several data storage options to choose from at Leaseweb;

Local Storage for Dedicated Servers

SSD (Solid State Disk) with value performance, NVME-SSD for high performance, or HDD (Hard Drive Disk, SATA) for cost-efficient file storage capacity.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is network based. This means the server is connected over a storage network to the storage volumes. Price-performance options include; Value (for good IOPS performance at low cost), Performance (for highest IOPS performance), and Capacity (for file storage capacity at lowest cost). Cloud Storage is offered as block/iSCSI or file/NFS/CIFS storage. These storage volumes are interconnected with your servers. 

Object Storage

Leaseweb Object Storage offers cost-effective ready-to-use storage of object files, over a secure HTTPS connection. 

VMware Storage

Local VMware vSAN storage for dedicated VMware HCI Private Cloud, powered by NVME-SSD. 

Acronis Cloud Backup Storage

Acronis Cloud Backup Storage is an agent-based backup service for any server. It includes a central dashboard to manage the backups. You can specify per server what and how to backup, and according to which schedule. The backup data are securely sent to and stored in the Acronis Cloud (off-site).  

Veeam Backup Storage

Veeam Backup Storage is an agentless backup service for Virtual Machines on VMware Cloud. As the Veeam backup service is managed by Leaseweb integrated within the VMware hypervisor layer, there is no need for an agent inside each of your Virtual Machines. Additionally, there is a central dashboard to manage all the backups. The backup data is stored on a Leaseweb storage platform (on-site or off-site). 

Leaseweb Network Options Explained

Leaseweb Network services include:

Public Networking

Public networking (i.e. internet connectivity, also known as public uplink or public IP connectivity). Leaseweb offers public networking based on managed services by Leaseweb Network, offering highly available and reliable internet connectivity with high capacity and high performance.  

Private Networking

Private networking is internal and isolated. You can choose between Leaseweb Private Network service or your own dedicated private networks. Cloud products like Leaseweb Elastic Compute and VMware vCloud offer integrated options for internal networks you create on your own to interconnect your Virtual Machines on these platforms. 

Remote Management

Remote management to manage your server remotely is included with all products. Remote management for Dedicated Server, for example, is available ‘out of band over a secure VPN. 


Cloud applications may require specific interconnectivity with other applications in other infrastructure environments. An example is the use of Leaseweb Private Network. Or Leaseweb Cloud Connect, if these environments are with different cloud providers. Interconnectivity needs between infrastructure environments can also result in adding cross connects between (for example) dedicated or colocation racks, or with the carrier meet me room (for 3rd party network provider connectivity), or between your environments in two separate datacenters. 

Management and Control

The desire and need for control and management features differs, hence there are products with easy-to-use management features, and products with full control. 

Leaseweb Cloud Security

At Leaseweb, our security services include: 

  • Secure and certified datacenters 
  • Network Firewall (L3/L4), also for VPN 
  • DDoS Protection (L3/L4), standard included in the public IP connectivity and upgrade options available 
  • Network peering with 3rd party CyberSecurity providers, like Cloudflare. Additional CyberSecurity services are offered by 3rd parties, like Cloudflare. 


At Leaseweb, we try to offer as much choice and control to our customers as possible. If you have any questions regarding the differences between our cloud options, contact Leaseweb Sales or visit our Cloud webpages 

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