What is Cloud? An overview of the Leaseweb Cloud Environment

“The Cloud” was a mysterious concept that emerged in the early 2000s. It was difficult to understand how it was possible to access computing resources remotely, without an on-site IT infrastructure. It seemed like something out of a science fiction story. However, the reality of cloud has had a huge impact on the tech industry and the way we do business, forever changing the business landscape. 

What is Cloud?

The cloud refers to providing resources, such as storage, processing power, databases, networking, analytics, artificial intelligence, and software applications via the internet. By outsourcing these resources, organizations can easily access the computational assets they need without having to purchase and maintain their own physical IT infrastructure. This allows for greater flexibility, faster innovation, and the ability to take advantage of economies of scale.

Cloud Use Cases

As there are several business problems that the cloud solves, it’s no wonder that using this technology is becoming the new norm across industries. Some typical use cases for the cloud include the following: 

1. Security 

Cloud infrastructure ensures secure off-site storage for data and applications, which can help companies improve their security posture by reducing the risk of data loss, theft, and physical threats. Leaseweb data centers are certified to meet specific industry standards such as ISO 27001 (Information Security Management), SOC 1 (Service Organization Control), PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), HIPPA, NEN 7510 & CISPE. These certifications ensure that our data centers have robust security measures in place to protect the data and infrastructure of our customers.

2. Disaster recovery 

Using the cloud, companies can quickly restore their systems and data in the event of a disaster, ensuring business continuity regardless of fire, floods or earthquakes. Leaseweb offers Acronis Cloud-Based Backup and other options that provide added protection and the ability to quickly restore data and applications in the event of a disaster. 

3. Avoid long term investments and uncertainty 

Leaseweb’s multiple cloud solutions allow companies to avoid long-term investments and uncertainties associated with traditional IT infrastructure. By providing pay-as-you-go and on-demand access to computing resources and services, Leaseweb eliminates the need for large upfront costs and long-term commitments. This enables companies to scale their operations up or down as needed, without the burden of maintaining and upgrading their own IT infrastructure.

4. Flexibility to grow when needed 

One of the greatest advantages of the cloud is that it’s a highly scalable solution. This allows companies to easily adjust their virtual infrastructure on-the-fly, so they can grow as needed. Leaseweb Reliable Cloud services allow companies to quickly and cost-effectively scale up or down virtual machines to match changes in workload and demand, saving time that would otherwise be spent on hardware upgrades. In addition, Leaseweb enables companies to horizontally scale their infrastructure by adding or removing virtual machines to handle the workload of a given application. This level of flexibility and scalability allows companies to expand or contract their infrastructure as needed, without long-term commitments or large upfront investments. By providing this agility, Leaseweb helps companies to be more responsive to market changes and focus on their core business, reducing uncertainty and enabling growth. 

Why choose Leaseweb Reliable Cloud

1. Transparent Pricing

With Leaseweb Cloud solutions, companies can maintain control over operational expenses and avoid unexpected billing items. Leaseweb offers transparent billing, discounts on contract terms and predictable pricing models, ensuring there are no surprises at the end of the month. This allows companies to accurately forecast their IT costs and avoid any hidden or uncontrollable charges, giving them peace of mind and the ability to focus on their core business activities. 

2. Uncompromising Performance 

Leaseweb reliable cloud solutions provide reliable performance ensuring continuous business operations with minimal risk of latency, outages, and downtime.

3. Hybrid Solutions

The Leaseweb Cloud Connect feature allows you to connect our dedicated servers to your existing cloud. Leaseweb private networking enables increased internal connectivity without the need for external network connections such as the internet. This unique hybrid setup is both secure and cost-effective, providing a seamless and reliable connection between dedicated servers and cloud services. 

4. Expert Advice 

At Leaseweb, our experienced team guides you every step of the way. From presales consultation to engineering support, we offer expertise in multiple cloud projects to help build a balanced design for your private cloud. Our dedicated engineers are committed to providing reliable and efficient support, ensuring your cloud solution meets your business needs and expectations. 

Types of Cloud Products at Leaseweb

Leaseweb offers a range of cloud-based products for businesses of all sizes. 

  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is an entry-level cloud most suitable for small companies.  
  • Leaseweb Elastic Compute is ideal for medium companies needing on-demand cloud compute solutions.
  • VMware vCloud is for the highest compute demand applications.  
  • VMware vSphere is most beneficial for dedicated virtual data centers built on top of dedicated hypervisors.  
  • Cloud Storage offers scalable, performance and cost optimized storage solutions supporting your cloud workloads. 
  • Hybrid Cloud consist of optimally combined core components matched to your needs. 

Not sure which cloud solution is right for you? Read What Is the Best Cloud Solution for Your Business? written by our Presales team. 

The Future of Cloud

Cloud is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, as it is likely to account for a larger share of enterprise tech spending than traditional in-house methods of delivering applications and services. As companies become more comfortable with the idea of storing their data in the cloud, the use of cloud is expected to continue to grow.  

In addition to cost savings and performance, Leaseweb Reliable Cloud is promoting the use of cloud as a means of driving digital transformation and helping businesses rethink their processes and accelerate growth.  

Leaseweb offers a range of cloud products and services with a personal touch. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to learn more! 

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