How to Connect Your Leaseweb Infrastructure to Public Cloud and More

Our customers often ask us how they can connect their Leaseweb infrastructure to the public cloud or another Leaseweb data center. This is where Leaseweb’s Hybrid Network Leaseweb Private Network and Leaseweb Cloud Connect – come in. Whilst Hybrid Network is related to Hybrid Cloud, there are some key differences which I will explain in this blog. 

Hybrid Cloud vs Hybrid Network

Most people know that Hybrid Cloud is the combination of private cloud and public cloud. At Leaseweb, this also means combining virtualization with dedicated servers and a third-party cloud provider. Hybrid Network, on the other hand, is a combination of public and private networks and is often utilized to optimize transfer costs. At Leaseweb, our Private Network works together with our Cloud Connect solution. 

Benefits of a Hybrid Network

For security reasons, a company may need to use a private network to send sensitive information quickly. However, depending on the load of data, going through the public network is often a bit cheaper. If you serve your customers through the internet, then using the public network is unavoidable, but if the load that needs to be exchanged between the two locations is high, then private connectivity might be more beneficial.

Optimize Cloud Costs

Hybrid Network allows you to choose what is passed through the private and what is passed through the public network – in turn, optimizing cloud costs according to your business needs.  

Protect Sensitive Data

If data is sensitive and you want it to arrive at the destination at a given time with low latency, you need to have a direct connection to that place. When it passes through the Internet, it will pass through various networks and the policies of those networks are always changing, so the latency can be unpredictable. When you send something through the Internet you have no control over how it will be routed. Therefore, a Hybrid Network allows you to choose where cost is more important to you and where security is more important.  

Using Leaseweb Cloud Connect

For those of you with infrastructure at Leaseweb, Cloud Connect is how you can connect your infrastructure to AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. If you have any further questions on how to utilize Cloud Connect, or if there is anything we didn’t cover in this blog, feel free to reach out to us – we are happy to help! 

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