100TB servers now available in the United States and Germany

Recently, Leaseweb announced the launch of 100TB hosting service provisioned from our Netherlands data centers. With Leaseweb 100TB packages, customers received a Dell or HP server, available in multiple configurations with 100TB of bandwidth connectivity a month, from a 1 Gbps dedicated port.The packages are available without setup fee, with generous discounts for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual prepayments.

These 100TB packages have proved to be extremely popular. As a result of customer requests, Leaseweb is now offering selected 100TB server packages sourced from our data centers in the United States or Germany, as well as the Netherlands. All 100TB packages come provisioned with the same Leaseweb quality, service, and superior connectivity, through a dedicate 1Gbps ports.

Customers can select the location of the data center: the Netherlands, the United States, or Germany, by checking the data center location box at the time the 100TB order is placed. Clients may order multiple 100TB servers located in any or all of these countries to meet specific customer requirements. Pricing is the same no matter where the server is situated.

With the expansion of 100TB server packages to both North American and Western Europe, Leaseweb continues to lead the hosting industry with highly competitive hosting packages located in major market to service customer requirements. All available 100TB hosting packages are available to order here for immediate provisioning.

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