Biggest @ AMS-IX

In my previous posts (Traffic Quadrupled) I mentioned the speed our total traffic is increasing. At this moment, our total traffic is almost hitting 500 Gbps (in April we did 300Gbps)!!

Last week, we connected another AMS-IX connection, which gives us a total of 120Gbps connection. At the very moment it was connected, we were already doing over 100Gbps at the AMS-IX. This makes us the largest traffic sending/receiving party on the largest internet exchange of the world! According to the AMS-IX there is no other company connected to the AMS-IX transmitting more traffic via the exchange as we do.

AMS-IX traffic @ Leaseweb
AMS-IX traffic @ Leaseweb
  1. Thelen
    November 23, 2009 at 16:38

    Amazing how much things grow, very impressive!

    I’m not sure if you indeed are the largest at AMS-IX, according to, but certainly the top 5 and basically all on similar numbers!

    It is amazing to see the doubling in traffic over the last year, I’m sure in part to the growing p2p movement in Europe.

  2. haspers
    haspers • Post Author •
    November 23, 2009 at 17:53

    Well, according to the AMS-IX we are sending the most traffic over the AMS-IX (i will edit the posting to make that more clear)

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