Website Traffic in the summertime

We are well into the holiday season and we hope that everyone is making the most of the sunshine! But have you ever wondered what happens to web traffic when people go on holiday, or spend their time outdoors? With millions of people all over the world choosing to jet off at the same time of year, how does this affect you or your company’s web traffic, when there are less people surfing the net?

Well for Leaseweb, we see traffic continually increasing throughout the year. There is never a reduction in the flow of traffic, but what is noticeable is that traffic plateaus during the summertime. What we usually see in the second half of June is the traffic increase slowly tailing off, and then there is a noticeable spike again at the beginning of September, when more people are up and back online. The traffic doesn’t reduce because natural, organic growth in web traffic balances out the usual fall in web users to specific sites over the summer, so traffic remains constant.

With popular websites sparking a rapid growth in traffic, especially at peak times of year, you may wonder if this affects your website and the bandwidth available to you. Surprisingly even though traffic is doubled year on year, here at Leaseweb we are fully capable of managing the ebbs and flows in order to support your business, at any time of year. Last month, we broke through the 1Tbps mark and now traffic currently peaks at 1.1Tbps, a fantastic speed! Our traffic has risen from 80Gbps just three years ago, to an anticipated 1.4Tbps by the end of 2011. You can see a great comparison to last year on our 2010 network blog post. Check out the graph below to see the pattern for yourself…

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