Networking 2010 Review

This has been a great year for the Network department at Leaseweb. We have added substantial capacity, upgraded our core routers and network systems, and have continued Leaseweb’s well-deserved reputation of providing our customers the highest quality connectivity of any commercial host. Some of the key points to consider:

Growth! While the expansion rate of the internet as a whole has been slowing — for Leaseweb ultra high growth is still the operable word! In 2009 we celebrated 500 Gbps, now we are reaching 825 Gbps – an annual rate of increase of over 60%.

Leaseweb continues to acquire the most advanced networking equipment available to provide highly sophisticated connectivity solutions for our customers. Many of our clients saw our notice recently about our purchase of the newest Juniper core router. We completed the Juniper cutover at the beginning of December. While we are keeping the Cisco CRS-1 core routers we previously utilized, we are no longer dependent on only one router platform. With multiple core routers in different locations, from different leading edge vendors, we insure Leaseweb customers always have an extremely reliable, efficient network.

The Leaseweb network continues to excel in quality. Our network staff is now preparing our newest datacenter in the United States for commercial service at the beginning of 2011. In addition to the United States, we have also added connectivity from our network to several new locations in Europe and upgraded our capacity on many existing links. The result is a higher network quality of service for Leaseweb customers.

With continuing expansion, we have many new peers and new transits to multiple locations in the Leaseweb network, in order to deliver the best network experience for our customers. Leaseweb constantly strives to increase the number of networks globally we exchange traffic directly, thus shortening network paths, reducing latency, and avoiding potential bottlenecks and saturated links.

One matter our clients should be aware of as it will directly impact customers in the future is IPv4 address depletion. The time when global IPv4 addresses are fully exhausted is rapidly approaching. The world supply of IPv4 addresses will run out in about a year, but thanks to careful network management and wise usage of our existing allocations, customers of Leaseweb do not have to worry – Leaseweb has enough IP addresses for its customers well into the foreseeable future.

Right now IPv6, the successor of IPv4 is really gaining attention from savvy customers. The entire Leaseweb network is IPv6 ready. We already have multiple customers using the new IPv6 Internet Protocol, which promises a large supply of IPs well into the future. It is clear in the coming years almost all devices will have an IP address assignment, and be connectable to the internet. As a host, Leaseweb will play an increasingly important role in furthering internet connectivity over an ever wider range of platforms.

What will the year 2011 look like for the Leaseweb network? We can highlight the hottest topics – for sure our network will continue its rapid expansion in Europe and North America. We will easily break the magic 1 Tbps barrier (1 terabit per second, or 1.000.000 megabits per second). 2011 will be a year of great promise for Leaseweb customers seeking the most advanced, highest quality network available, which will continue to provide them with superior value and reliability.

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