Traffic quadrupled!

This week we have broken the 300 Gbps (!!) traffic barrier we were facing several months. After the big increase we had since september 2007 where we went though the 200Gbps barrier� in October, only 6 months later we already exceeded the 300Gbps.

traffic1Looking at the traffic history, we have quadrupled the traffic within one year. Early 2007 we did around 70Gbps, now over 300Gbps.

The question pops up: where does it stop? Do we expect another increase this big within one year? Although we see more content getting online (video, file sharing, SaaS, etc.) I don’t think we will quadruple the traffic again within one year, but doubling is something we always did.� So let’s see if we can break through the 600Gbps by the beginning of 2010. Would be nice :)

  1. James Higgins
    James Higgins
    July 1, 2009 at 21:50

    Well, not even ten weeks later an here we are again, speeding away and breaking the data barrier again @ over 400Gbps – Daa da.. Da daaaaaa!

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