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A former client of Leaseweb recently did a posting on one of the hosting blogs, I think it was Web Hosting Talk, in which he fulminated against the fact that one of his clients had choosen to do business with Leaseweb directly. Several of the reactions on this posting were luckily positive ones on the side of Leaseweb, but I think it can do no harm to give a bit more of an explanation to our policy regarding resellers and doing business directly.

Leaseweb definitely has a good reseller proposition. We have a good price/quality ratio on our hosting services, a very stable network (99,999 percent uptime), fully Cisco powered, that offers a bandwidth of more than 500 Gbps, spanning four data centers in the Amsterdam region. We even have a green proposition, with low-energy data center space being used. Resellers can make good margins on these high quality, sharp priced hosting products.

Hosting for Web Designers
Apart from this, our business model is especially oriented on doing business through resellers like web designers, system integrators and internet application providers. Therefore, we do not deliver managed services. We deliver our services including the OS and leave the application development and management to others. Our hosting services can be seen as basic hosting building blocks on which other companies can make their margins and build their total internet solutions.

We do deliver directly to end users, but only to the ones who just need basic hosting services. Provided that its never nice to loose business, in the case of the reseller on WHT you can have some doubts with the added value that was provided. Leaseweb never takes business from its resellers actively. But of course every entrepreneur needs to add value to survive. If you don’t, then sooner or later the risk of being put out of business becomes a high risk. If you keep adding good value to our products, no end user will pass you by to approach Leaseweb directly.

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  1. Joe at
    Joe at
    June 16, 2009 at 16:38

    Great information! We are considering expanding our business and we are looking into becoming a hosting reseller. We will keep LeaseWeb in mind. Thanks for sharing your insight.

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