Increase your computing power: Six advantages of Hexa-Core CPUs

Did you know we recently expanded our dedicated server portfolio? Leaseweb already offers many options to customize your servers, and with the addition of the HP DL180G6 with 2 Intel Hexa-Core Xeon E5645 processors, we have even more server-flavors for you to choose from!

The Hexa-Core Xeon E5645 processor has 6 cores running at 2,40Ghz each, with a Max Turbo Frequency of 2,67Ghz. With HyperThreading enabled, the E5645 is capable of running 12 Threads simultaneously. Impressive stats, especially when you consider the price. So what does this mean for your business? Here are six ways you can benefit from a Hexa-Core setup:

  1. Virtualization efficiency
    HyperThreading and multiple cores will allow you to increase the number of Virtual Machines on the Hypervisor. If your Hypervisor has a paid licensing model per CPU, a Hexa-Core will decrease the cost of a license per core.
  2. Optimized streaming media
    If you stream your video and need to transcode it, you could decrease the time needed for encoding, or increase the number of simultaneous transcodes. Faster delivery = happy customers = more revenue.
  3. Consolidated application hosting
    This one is very simple. With more cores you can host your website, database and application all in one server and still have great performance. This means that with an application that is expected to increase its number of users quite rapidly, you can increase the lifespan of your server before you need to add more servers to your infrastructure, cutting down on operational costs.
  4. Boost high load databases
    We have been talking to several of our top eCommerce customers and they all agree that their database performance has increased tremendously because of the upgrade to Hexa-Core processors. They said that the additional computing power boosts the performance of high load databases, resulting in an improved experience for the end-user.
  5. Enhanced online gaming experience
    We wrote extensively about hosting online games before, and some games can be very CPU intensive. Having a Hexa-Core CPU in your server will help you the increase the number of simultaneous gamers while keeping a smooth user experience.
  6. 25% discount
    The final (and best reason according to me) to get a Hexa-Core right now: We are temporarily offering Hexa-Cores at a 25% discount, making the price of these top CPUs equal to that of Quad-Cores! This offer lasts until the 9th of July 2012, go to our website if you want to see the possibilities for your preferred setup.

As the amount of data, traffic and applications become larger and more intensive, more and more processing power is required. With a Hexa-Core processor in your server, you’ll be prepared for the future more than ever.

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  1. Vineet
    June 27, 2012 at 11:16

    Six cores + Hyper threading allowed use to do simultaneous transcoding at blistering speed.
    Great product offering! (DL180G6 with 2 x E5645)

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