Enterprise Hosting: Heineken.nl

We’re proud of it, Heineken.nl is live. A brand new portal about music, sports and entertainment of Heineken The Netherlands, hosted by…Leaseweb. What’s more, I see a trend in our customer portfolio towards more and more Enterprises choosing to host their websites in Leaseweb’s professional hosting network environment. To name just a few Enterprise hosting clients: Heineken, Starbucks, Royal Joh. Enschedé…

Large hosting provider

Is there a reason for this shift in our client base? Okay, we’re good without a doubt ;-), but apart from that I believe that Enterprises really want and need a hosting partner with some size. Leaseweb is the largest hosting provider in The Netherlands and we’re a top-20 player worldwide, with one of the few large hosting networks in Europe and lots of bandwidth available. Lately we have grown even bigger, with currently 22,000 servers running and more than 400 Gigabits per second of internet traffic used by our clients, and we are making some noise in the market to show our strengths. May be we’ve reached a turning point in which we’ve become a natural choice for Enterprise clients.

Size Matters

I think the size of partner companies really matters when you’re an Enterprise. As a large hosting partner we’re able to offer Enterprise companies continuity, scale advantages, good connections, green and energy efficient data center facilities, good peering opportunities, redundancy in the network and scalability in their hosting solutions. Together with our top engineering services, server virtualization options, efficient processes, clear and effective procedures, and professional service level agreements, I think this makes us a good enterprise hosting partner.

Does this mean we’ve moved towards managed hosting? Nope, not at all. Managed hosting service is something we preferably leave to our reselling partners. We’re only deploying basic hosting building blocks on which Enterprise companies can freely build their own solutions, services which can be fulfilled by themselves or by their IT supplier.

I hope all the visitors of www.heineken.nl, surely that will be a lot, will enjoy the new features on the site. About 15.000 pilot users where able to give their comments already on the lay-out of the website during the weeks before the official launch, so Heineken was able to perfect the site. Let’s see how many Heineken fans there are and let’s hope they all will enjoy the new Heineken experience…hosted by Leaseweb.

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