Virtual Hosting Expensive?

More and more clients of LeaseWeb, mainly Corporate and higher SME, decide to go for a hosting environment in which virtualization software plays an important role. Still the discussion remains whether virtualization is a good investment.  Especially in these times where you need to weigh the value of every penny that’s being invested, cost stays part of the virtualization investment discussion. Does virtualization save you any money? Does it give you a good ROI?

Virtualization Enterpise and SME

I know companies who did their calculations on a virtualization application investment over and over again, just to make sure the ROI is good. Although cost saving shouldn’t be the main reason for choosing virtualization – flexibility and energy saving in the hosting environment, in my opinion, are better arguments – I can imagine why some companies hesitate. An initial investment in virtualization tends to be a bigger investment than an investment in a traditional hosting design, especially when you choose the Rolls Royce of virtualization software: VMware. Do you meet the break-even point of this investment? It’s often hard to tell in advance.

Outsourcing Hosting

Luckily we have a great VMware platform installed within the (green, CO2-neutral) data center environment of LeaseWeb on which virtual servers run. This way our clients can rent state-of-the-art virtual servers, without the hassle of complex investment calculations and without the risks that go with the purchase of software applications in general. With the assurance of a great and very reliable hosting network for continuous worldwide internet presence, and always enough knowledge back-up on VMware software within the LeaseWeb organization.

LeaseWeb is one of VMware’s top hosting partners in Europe, as such also present at VMware Europe 2009, which means that our engineers are well trained on VMware. They can help out with the VMware hosting design, maintenance and support, right through to technical support on the hardware.

Rolph Haspers,
Operations Director LeaseWeb

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