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Introducing vCloud, a new Private Cloud by LeaseWeb

Feat_CloudStack_3_resources_2With a private cloud at LeaseWeb, you receive all benefits of virtualization while maintaining full control over resources and features. We give our customers the freedom to customize their virtual infrastructures and have been offering CloudStack Resource Pools for quite some time now. These resource pools let customers create and manage multiple instances using their choice of operating system – combined with the total flexibility to allocate resources as required.

The beauty of this concept is that it can work with other hypervisor software as well. For customers who have a great affinity with VMware technology, we are now introducing vCloud, which is in essence the same as the CloudStack Resource Pools, only with VMware technology.

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The ‘Secret Sauce’ of our Business Success: Focus and Efficiency

In a time of economic challenge for many organizations, people often ask me for the recipe for the ‘secret sauce’ of LeaseWeb’s great success as a provider of hosting services. How do we manage to continue to rapidly grow our hosting business?

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Virtual Hosting Expensive?

More and more clients of LeaseWeb, mainly Corporate and higher SME, decide to go for a hosting environment in which virtualization software plays an important role. Still the discussion remains whether virtualization is a good investment. Especially in these times where you need to weigh the value of every penny thats being invested, cost stays part of the virtualization investment discussion. Does virtualization save you any money? Does it give you a good ROI?

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