Introducing vCloud, a new Private Cloud by Leaseweb

With a private cloud at Leaseweb, you receive all benefits of virtualization while maintaining full control over resources and features. We give our customers the freedom to customize their virtual infrastructures and have been offering CloudStack Resource Pools for quite some time now. These resource pools let customers create and manage multiple instances using their choice of operating system – combined with the total flexibility to allocate resources as required.

The beauty of this concept is that it can work with other hypervisor software as well. For customers who have a great affinity with VMware technology, we are now introducing vCloud, which is in essence the same as the CloudStack Resource Pools, only with VMware technology.

Normally, setting up a private cloud with VMware technology can be rather time consuming and quite expensive. With the introduction of vCloud, you can quickly set up a private cloud based on high-end VMware technology for relatively low costs.

The resource pool model of vCloud lets you design your own IT infrastructure within the resource pool and divide the resources exactly the way you want them. When managing a traditional IT infrastructure, you usually spend much time and effort scaling or modifying it when necessary. vCloud however is extremely flexible, and a standardized online interface is enough to make any adjustments, including adding extra capacity. The technology is state-of-the-art: the platform has full flash/SSD storage and everything is redundantly implemented. If desired, you can easily use your existing VMware infrastructure that is already available on-site and move it to our datacenter.


Just as with the CloudStack Resource Pools, a flat fee applies to this product, with no surcharges for additional functionality such as load balancers or firewalls. It makes costs predictable and the invoice at the end of the month will have no surprises.

So now you have to choose from two different ‘flavors’ for Leaseweb Private Cloud:

  • Customers who prefer open source technology will most likely choose the CloudStack Resource Pools;
  • Companies that have experience in working with VMware will probably prefer the new vCloud.

From a technological point of view, it’s good to know that when you use our CloudStack Resource Pools, the rate of CPU vs. memory is 1-1.5, so 10 cores means 15GB memory. For vCloud customers, this rate is 1-4, so 10 cores and 40GB memory.

You can learn more about vCloud here:

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