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Customer segmentation at LeaseWeb

We have been segmenting our customer base for quite a while now. Why? Well, with over 15,000 customers and a growth rate of 45% year over year, we wanted to create a system that helps us continuously learn about market demands and our customer’s business priorities. There are many reasons why this is important to us, but let me try to formulate a few of them:

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Working at LeaseWeb: Shaina Prabhakar

They are the unsung heroes of every IT company: the people that write the software, provision the servers, provide support and all the men and women that form the beating heart of the organization. That’s why we felt it was time to put them in the spotlight. Welcome to Working at LeaseWeb.

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LeaseWeb Customer Portal: Ticket overview & Replies

On the 16th December of last year we wrote about the creation of tickets in our Customer Portal. Since then we have seen a lot of customers who started using this feature and already received a lot of positive responses on this topic. We also got many questions on when we would enable the viewing of and replying to tickets in the Customer Portal. Now, with the release of our newest sprint, we did just that!

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Twitter anecdotes: LeaseWeb connects with customers and resolves issues

In a previous blog we highlighted how Twitter is increasingly becoming a central and essential part of LeaseWeb and more specifically is used as a customer service tool. It allows us to maintain a very transparent and open relationship with our customers.

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The added value of social media in the hosting industry

It seems that the potential of social media in the hosting industry has not been fully recognized yet. If you look at Twitter, blog sites like WebHostingTalk (and let’s not forget Facebook/Google+), you will see that some of the big players in the industry don’t even have an account. On the other hand, the few that do spend resources on it are slowly taking it to the next level.

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LeaseWeb Germany Post-Merger Integration Survey – Using customer feedback to further improve our hosting services

About a year ago we acquired the German hosting company Netdirekt, and with the anniversary approaching we decided to check-in with our German customers to get their feedback on our services. One of the most important things LeaseWeb tries to achieve is fostering relationships with our clients. By listening to them, we can better understand their needs. That’s why we recently conducted our German customer satisfaction survey.

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Support Excels at Meeting Customer Expectations, thus providing more reliable hosting

Over the past few years LeaseWeb has taken many steps to improve the reliable hosting experience. Rapidly evolving customer requirements, market developments and LeaseWeb’s enormous growth as a global host have driven these changes at an increasing rate. Customer satisfaction is an important market differentiator. Providing top quality customer support coupled with superior network and hardware quality, are recognized by clients as key requirements to ensure a superior hosting infrastructure. LeaseWeb customers recognize that high quality 24/7 support gives clients security and peace of mind, assuring customers that their hardware is always maintained to the highest standards. To surpass customer expectations we are continuously improving the support function to provide the quality support that LeaseWeb customers have come to expect.

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Important Upgrade Support Department

Amsterdam, September 15, 2009 – LeaseWeb (, one the world’s leading dedicated hosting providers, has significantly upgraded its Support Department over the past six months in response to signs that customers’ support experience could be improved. The most recent semi-annual customer survey held among more than 1,300 customers showed that the measures are having a positive effect.

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Customer satisfaction

In October 2008, when the financial world collapsed and started a deep economic recession, LeaseWeb experienced one of its biggest growths measured in turnover per month. This was partly caused by a hosting provider in the United States which went belly up and losing some of its biggest customers to LeaseWeb. Our Support department was already under some stress at that time by the growth we had experienced during the months before but the sudden increase in new customers and growing support requests really put a strain on our support engineers.

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LeaseWeb on Twitter

In Barcelona for @VMworld. Meet us and hear about the challenges and opportunities of moving to the cloud. Sign up:…

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