Support Excels at Meeting Customer Expectations, thus providing more reliable hosting

Over the past few years Leaseweb has taken many steps to improve the reliable hosting experience. Rapidly evolving customer requirements, market developments and Leaseweb’s enormous growth as a global host have driven these changes at an increasing rate. Customer satisfaction is an important market differentiator. Providing top quality customer support coupled with superior network and hardware quality, are recognized by clients as key requirements to ensure a superior hosting infrastructure. Leaseweb customers recognize that high quality 24/7 support gives clients security and peace of mind, assuring customers that their hardware is always maintained to the highest standards. To surpass customer expectations we are continuously improving the support function to provide the quality support that Leaseweb customers have come to expect.

Understanding is the key

For customers, it is essential to know what Leaseweb Support teams can do. To make sure clients have a clear understanding of the support Leaseweb provides service descriptions are being updated on a continuing basis.

Leaseweb provides customers with top quality hosting infrastructure solutions. Leaseweb will provide support for all hardware related issues, without charge for assistance, up to the server root access level. To return a server to its originally provisioned state, Support will, at a customer’s request: reload the operating system; reset a root password; or adjust a network stack to restore connectivity, as well as replace any defective server hardware, as necessary, without any additional fee for parts or labor.  Service priority is based on the customer’s ticket position in the Support queue. Customers always have the option to purchase a higher level Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Building Support by developing people

Leaseweb recognizes providing good support starts at the individual technician level. Leaseweb takes seriously its responsibility to develop a high quality, skilled, qualified work force to meet our customers’ support needs. This process starts with the creation of a development plan for each of our support staff, which allows each staffer to take personal ownership for their personal and career development planning. This planning offers our employees a strong foundation to help our people manage and direct their development path to personal job satisfaction with their career at Leaseweb.

Competency based career development at Leaseweb is based on the 3 “C”s:

  • Clarity – Leaseweb employees understand the necessary metrics to obtain personal proficiency and job mastery for individual success;
  • Consistency – Leaseweb maintains a standardized approach to career development across all operations teams;
  • Commitment –Leaseweb and its employees recognize that achieving successful mastery of skills requires time, energy and necessary resources to define and strengthen the developmental process.

At the heart of the Leaseweb “Career and Personal Development” approach is the career development discussion – a candid dialogue between an employee and his or her manager. The career discussion is the opportunity to discuss career goals and to receive management feedback and guidance to best realize these career aspirations.
The competency model defines 10 core competencies and derives from overall Leaseweb Company Values. These values are part of Leaseweb’s corporate DNA. They are the essential keys to both providing superior service to customers; and ensuring respect and satisfaction for our employees. It is a crucial part of the continuing success of Leaseweb, as we continue to rapidly grow to meet customer needs .

The competency model clarifies the core competencies required at each stage of an employee’s career. It encourages employees to develop skills, which are transferable to other functions, such as Sales and Administration. The model assists employees in career planning to maximize their own level of satisfaction at various levels of responsibility, since their competency increases as they receive more training and experience.

Leaseweb encourages employees to grow their skill sets and competencies by benchmarking employee development in three stages:

  • Assessment – to determine the gap between competencies and experiences required to perform against the targeted job/function, and the present skills of the employee;
  • Planning – to create an individual development plan for closing the gap between the competencies and experiences required to meet the targeted job/function and current capabilities; and
  • Development – to successfully execute against the plan.

We realize that it is important for both Leaseweb and the employee to take responsibility to follow up on their commitments. It is only by taking pro-active steps with these forward looking initiatives that Leaseweb can ensure the highest quality and performance of Support for Leaseweb customers in the future.

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