Twitter anecdotes: Leaseweb connects with customers and resolves issues

In a previous blog we highlighted how Twitter is increasingly becoming a central and essential part of Leaseweb and more specifically is used as a customer service tool. It allows us to maintain a very transparent and open relationship with our customers.

Twitter has provided us with a platform to address any issues our customers may have. Recently we managed to turn a couple of negative comments from dissatisfied customers into positive situations – all by communicating through Twitter. While some companies may feel cautious about negative feedback appearing very publically, in front of existing and potential customers, the reality is we were able to demonstrate that we are listening to and addressing any of our customers’ concerns. This has led to some really positive feedback, and not just from the customer involved.

The first example that comes to mind was a customer who expressed disappointment in the delivery of a product, which took four days rather than 24 hours as expected. The issue was brought to our attention by a negative message to Leaseweb’s Twitter account. In response, our Customer Relations team immediately contacted the customer by email.  As this was indeed our mistake, we picked it up with priority and delivered an upgraded higher-end server to make up for the delay caused. We accepted his complaint, apologized for the inconvenience and remained transparent about the cause of the error. The customer was extremely happy with our approach and immediately removed his negative tweet without our request. Furthermore, he tweeted the below: “@Leaseweb has gone above and beyond my expectations getting a new server ready for me! These guys are great!

We dealt with a similar example in the same manner when a disgruntled customer felt his services had been unfairly suspended; an issue arising from confusion over payment. However after he tweeted a complaint, given his clean history in payment we apologized and restored his services. Again, his satisfaction was evident as he tweeted after the issue had been resolved, saying: “@Leaseweb Thanks to your great support I am back online again :) I never needed support with leaseweb but when I did, it was excellent!”

It’s these kinds of customer reactions that display just how powerful interaction through social media can be. Positive word-of-mouth is something you can’t buy; it has to be given freely to have any meaning. This means a company has to be honest, open and truly service minded.

So what are your thoughts on social media’s involvement in customer services within the hosting industry?  Do you see it as potentially inviting sticky comment, or a platform through which to positively engage with and assist customers? We don’t know what we would do without it! But we would love to hear your thoughts, so why not leave us a comment below or – if you’re a Twitter user! – tweet us @Leaseweb and let us know.

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