Leaseweb computer donation to the Sukaria charity project

You may recall that back in September we told you about Leaseweb’s work to support the Sukaria project – the charity founded by one of our Customer Support Engineers, Janice Ritzer, to raise funds for children from the Indonesian Mollucan Islands. With the holiday seasons still going on it’s an especially nice time of year for us to be thinking of others who are not as lucky as ourselves.

This really hit home recently when Janice traveled to Jakarta. She took bags full of donated second-hand clothing to give to the children and met with a local representative from the project to discuss our fundraising plans for 2012. Leaseweb will kick off the new year by donating computers to schools on the islands. By sending Leaseweb’s old PCs over to Indonesia, we will be able to make a huge improvement to the teaching facilities currently available in the schools on the Mollucan Islands. This will enable pupils to develop a range of IT skills – most of which children of the Western world now take for granted. By learning how a computer works, a range of future job possibilities open up that would otherwise would remain out of reach for those children.

Visiting Indonesia was a fantastic opportunity for Janice to really get some insight – not only into where we can be helping out, but also to see firsthand how our support is already making a difference. Needless to say, she has returned with more passion than ever for the cause, and cannot wait to implement the computer donation project!

We will be updating the CSR section of the Leaseweb website in January to reflect the work we’ve been doing for the project, so make sure you keep checking back for all the latest updates.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to donate to Sukaria, email or visit the Leaseweb-sponsored Sukaria website.

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