Working at Leaseweb: Shaina Prabhakar

They are the unsung heroes of every IT company: the people that write the software, provision the servers, provide support and all the men and women that form the beating heart of the organization. That’s why we felt it was time to put them in the spotlight. Welcome to Working at Leaseweb.

Shaina PrabhakarHi, my name is Shaina Prabhakar. After graduating with a bachelor degree in Information Science and working as a software development engineer, I relocated to the Netherlands about two years ago (I am originally from Bangalore, India). I have been working at Leaseweb for almost the same time.

I currently work as a Senior Sales Support Executive. The core responsibility of Sales Support is order processing. We receive inquiries from customers via email, phone and our website chat. Through these channels we learn about the customer’s needs, industry, and expectations. Once we have a clear idea of the customer’s requirements, we direct the request to an account manager, who can then advise the best solution.

Once an agreement with a client has been reached, we process the order and enter it into our administrative system. If the order has to be delivered manually, we hand the specifications over to the provisioning team for deployment. It is very important that the order processing is 100% accurate – if not, the delivery will not be what the customer ordered, causing disgruntled customers.

This brings me to another part of my job: I am also a member of the Customer Relations team. We make contact with customers who send a complaint, and investigate any challenges they might have encountered at Leaseweb. These cases generally lead to a thorough review of our procedures. If possible, we adjust our approach in such a way that the problem can’t occur anymore. Our aim is always to meet the customer’s expectations and achieve total customer satisfaction, which is only possible by listening to what customers say. You have to be proactive about such things, not just looking at what customers send to you, but also look at Twitter, forums and other social media.

One of the greatest projects here at Leaseweb that I am a part of is aligning our ‘Churn Management’ to the company’s vision. When we get a cancellation request, we get in contact with the customer within 24 hours. Our goal is to understand the reason why he/she wants to cancel and find out if we can keep on doing business with him/her in a more satisfying manner. To achieve this we require internal cooperation within Leaseweb, procedural tweaks, investment in time and more. Sometimes you succeed at finding a solution, sometimes you don’t. But whatever the outcome, it is a personal satisfaction for me to know that even if a customer leaves us, they left on good terms and would be willing to return back to us when need arises.

Leaseweb is growing massively and is right in the middle of the hosting industry. Being a part such a company lets me gain a lot of knowledge, while the open culture and multinational work floors have helped expats like me to get accustomed to living in another country. By the way, we’re currently looking for a new colleague for the Sales support team. So if you’re interested, be sure to check the vacancy and apply!

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  1. Melva Eckerle
    Melva Eckerle
    March 10, 2012 at 17:39

    In the business world, many people are paid in 2 coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the amount of money arrive later.
    Profit in operation arises from repeat customers, customers that boast about any project or service, which bring friends using them.

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