Working for Leaseweb: Where are they now?

5 years at LeasewebThree years ago, Shaina Prabhakar wrote a blog about her work at Leaseweb. A lot has changed since then, so let’s take a look at where she is now.

It’s fascinating to see how technology is innovating in ways to help and serve people. Before Leaseweb, I used to work at a company which manufactured servers and networking devices. During that time I never got to speak to the end users, to see how they benefit from these products. At Leaseweb I get that opportunity.

After three years of as part of the Leaseweb Sales team I became the team manager of our Sales Support department. I interacted directly with our customers, learning what they’re looking for and how they like to buy and manage our products. One of the easiest ways for our customers to do this is through our website and Customer Portal. As I hold a degree in Information Sciences, my experience in sales together with my IT skills meant that I was in the unique position to become the Product Owner of our website and Customer Portal.

As product owner I’m in constant contact with our customers, the marketing and sale teams, and of course the product teams to enhance our website. It is a challenge to deliver exactly as people envision their needs. Leaseweb therefore uses the Scrum methodology for product development. With the help of shorter and incremental development cycles, we continuously bring a product to the next level while gathering feedback to tweak it to perfection.

The result was that about a year ago, we proudly released the new version of with a new skin, robust online store and lightning-fast hosting infrastructure.

Of course it didn’t stop there. Leaseweb is an innovative company, constantly pursuing growth. That’s why we are now setting up new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems within in the company. We aim to provide even faster and more reliable services to customer. To do so, you have to achieve efficient, real-time and standardized processes both internally and externally. This major project is an opportunity for me to put my unique insights in IT and customer requirements to good use. As the Key user of the Quote to Cash (Q2C) process, my primary focus will be to gain 360° overview of customers, facilitating the growing sales channels, error free order deliveries.

I am now in my fifth year at Leaseweb, each time being challenged to a next level while able to make a difference. It’s what I love about my work. Would you like to be challenged too? Check out our vacancies.

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