Leaseweb welcomes its 300th colleague!

Growth is something everyone who runs a business agrees on is a good thing, and over the past few years Leaseweb has grown tremendously. This week we reached another milestone when Hans Rakers became our 300th colleague. Of course we celebrated this memorable moment by presenting everyone in the office with a large cake to enjoy. While I sat down to eat a piece of the tasty pie, I was reminded of a very inspiring Ted Talk I watched a while back by Shawn Achor, who teaches about positive psychology.

If you have 12 minutes to kill, I definitely recommend watching it:

Everyone knows that if you feel good, you deliver better work. You are more productive and more successful. Paraphrasing the presentation, Shawn’s theory is that by being mindful of positive experiences, you are able to keep a more positive attitude, and thus feel good at work.

This is something we at Leaseweb wholeheartedly agree with. It’s why we celebrate things like new colleagues and regularly organize various company events. We also show it by offering a tasty communal lunch to everyone within the company, not only to stay healthy but also to encourage people to talk with colleagues outside their department. We have various programs that help people achieve their goals not just in the future, but also help them feel good in the present. And it works. In HR terms, our ‘unwanted staff turnover’ is below 7%, which is very low for a company of our size. A lot of people stay with us for years.

We now host over 43,000 dedicated servers, offer a cutting-edge Cloud Platform and own an unbeatable worldwide network. These things don’t happen by themselves – you need good people to make sure everything goes smoothly. 300 (and counting), to be exact.

I often ask colleagues: “What is the reason you work at Leaseweb?” and a lot of times I get the answer: “Because I like being part of a global adventure.” It’s not (just) about money, or to ‘have a job’. Every day we create or improve products on a global scale. Our valued colleagues are the ones that make it happen. Would you like to join them on this memorable adventure?

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  1. Kevan Harrison
    Kevan Harrison
    October 12, 2012 at 11:16

    An excellent article and video

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