Articles by Rolph Haspers

Traffic quadrupled!

This week we have broken the 300 Gbps (!!) traffic barrier we were facing several months. After the big increase we had since september 2007 where we went though the 200Gbps barrier´┐Ż in October, only 6 months later we already exceeded the 300Gbps.

European WinPHP Challenge

The WinPHP Competition registration will close end of business on Friday April 17th want to go to Vegas register NOW! On the March 23 we announced the WinPHP Challenge the competition for PHP programmer to create the app they always wanted to write and have the opportunity to win a trip to the MIX 2010 […]

Filtering: the pilot

Since a report by the WODC (see Filtering The Internet) stated that it is unclear whether filtering is effective or not, we have been in contact with the Ministry of Justice and Meldpunt Kinderporno (Hotline combating Child Pornography) and discussed ways of reducing child pornography on the Internet. Although we, as a Service Provider, are […]

Filtering the Internet

During the last year there have been several discussions about filtering content on the internet. Should this be dealt with by the government (creating better legislation) or should ISPs come with a solution? Last week the WODC (Research and Documentation Centre) published an interesting report (Dutch with English summary) about the technical and legal possibilities […]

Honeypot Project

Recently we have started a small honeypot project within our network to monitor and analyze malicious requests. With this information we can make our network more secure.

New: VMware VPS!

Since two days we are offering new virtual servers on our VMware platform. In the recent months we have deployed our new VMware platform to start hosting VPS. After some testing by our engineers and some customers, we are now ready for production. Starting from EUR 99,-/month you will get a full VMware VPS with […]

Cooling a datacenter

One of the major problems when operating a datacenter is to cool your serverrooms in the most efficient way. Servers are growing faster, bigger, more power consuming then ever, causing more heat in your racks. Improving the cooling systems will reduce costs, might give your datacenter more capacity (more servers with the same cooling capacity) […]