New: VMware VPS!

Since two days we are offering new virtual servers on our VMware platform.

In the recent months we have deployed our new VMware platform to start hosting VPS. After some testing by our engineers and some customers, we are now ready for production. Starting from EUR 99,-/month you will get a full VMware VPS with (almost) all features (DRS/HA/Vmotion/GUI).

We are now using Dual Quad Core servers with at least 32GB RAM, connected to NetAPP storage (FAS 3040 at this moment and already looking into the bigger brothers). Offcourse, everything redundant (network/power/etc.) to minimize the risk of downtime. The platform can be scaled without any problems to fit the needs of our customer.

Why VMware?

In my opinion VMware is the only serious option in our business at this moment. Features like DRS (to optimal manage your resources), Live VMotion (to move a VPS from one host to another without any downtime) and HA (High Availability, to automatically start servers when one hosts fails) are necessary to guarantee high uptime and good perfomance. Xen, Hyper-V,etc. do offer some of these functionalities, but not as complete like VMware (for example: Xen doesn’t provide DRS/HA by design, Hyper-V (the new Microsoft product) doesn’t have VMotion (without downtime)). Also the ability to connect to a nice GUI, connect your own ISO/CD-ROM to your VPS, is something our customers requested and which can be done with VMware.

 With our VPS products you will get all these features. It is also possible to connect to the console port of your server (KVM), which can be helpful in case your VPS doesn’t boot correctly. Want to install your own kernel/OS? No problem, you can mount your CD-ROM or an ISO-image to your VPS within seconds. You can choose various operating systems (Windows 2003/2008, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu etc.) to be installed when ordering.

Want to know more? Check our VPS pages at our website

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