Leaseweb CDN First Anniversary: We’ve only just begun!

What a year! Successfully launching a brand new CDN service from scratch in such a competitive environment has been a tremendous achievement. And now the Leaseweb CDN team is looking forward to presenting you with yet more new features next year as we continuously improve it. We’re really excited to see how much we’ve accomplished in such a short period of time and it’s been a thrilling experience to be part the team that made it happen.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve achieved:

  • Over 500 Gbps of customer bandwidth in use daily
  • 3rd generations PoPs now implemented without router to optimize cost efficiency
  • More than 2000 SSDs in production
  • One traffic price to access to all features including SSL with no-hidden cost
  • Coverage in US West Coast and East Coast, Europe and Asia (Super PoP in Singapore). One more PoP under way in Miami to reach South America.

Over the past 6 months we’ve also added a lot of new features to ensure that even the most complex environments can easily be integrated. That’s especially important for things like video streaming and large file delivery:

New security options

  • Geoblocking
  • Origin cloaking
  • Origin server authentication
  • Hash based URL protection with support for custom schemes

Real-time statistics for bandwidth and traffic usage, hits and API requests

  • Instant purge capacity for specific asset, folder or object type
  • Raw log delivery
  • Pre-loading option to push large assets at the edge before they’re made public in order to optimize offload
    • Serving expired content as a failover in case origin server doesn’t respond

Enhanced control panel experience

  • Resell functionality enabling Leaseweb Partners to take advantage of the growing demand for online video and high-volume rich media content by offering their customers a high-performance global CDN service
  • Pre-set configurations for Small or Large Objects, Live or On-Demand streaming
  • Comprehensive HTTP headers options (add, remove or keep origin headers)
  • Tiered-distribution

Our focus remains on deploying a very competitive, solid but high performing CDN service targeted at the smartest and most demanding IT guys who rightly feel they’ve been overpaying for their CDN for too long.

Want to know more? Check out these links:

Thanks to everyone who’s been part of this project. And remember to sign up for your free trial if you haven’t already.

I wish you all happy holidays. Stay tuned. This is just the beginning!

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