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When recently I wanted to add a little extra living space to my house, I called a construction company I had done business with before. Of course, I could have Googled ‘construction work’ and ‘DIY living room modification’, but I know my limitations.Partners Consultation

My line of business is IT, and specifically hosting, cloud computing and partner business. And what I see happening at some IT-partners worries me.

More and more companies are well aware of the benefits of cloud computing. Naturally, they turn to their trusted IT-partner for advice, assistance and guidance.

Unfortunately, the trusted advisor does not always realize that cloud infrastructure is not the same as installing and managing a traditional network. With increasing adoption of software applications and mobile, more and more information is being created outside of centralized data centers. This is happening at ever increasing rapidity. Building an architecture that meets these modern demands is more complex than often thought.

Setting up and – more importantly – maintaining the right IT infrastructure requires a solid business strategy and knowledge of new technology. It also involves a shift from a traditional server-centric approach and deploying applications in silos to a service-centric approach and delivering applications on global platforms with agreed service levels. To achieve this requires a high abstraction level of network architectures, protocols, and devices.

Partners Compliance

When modern day infrastructure and cloud computing is not your line of business, it is time to call a pro. A specialized hosting provider can provide the stability, speed and scalability that businesses need today. Their datacenters should be certified to prove their level of security. The provider’s services should also have a track record that proves their reliability.

It requires no additional investment on your part to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a specialized hosting provider. Leaseweb has installed the Leaseweb Partner Network (LPN) with a Reseller Partner Program, a Referral Partner Program and due soon the Specialized Partner Program. The Referral Partner Program is specifically designed to support resellers that don’t operate in the IaaS industry at the moment, but do want to provide their customers with the best possible hosting solutions.

I am convinced that when your customers’ best interest is your concern, calling in help when needed is a strength, not a weakness. After all, since construction work is not one of my talents, I happily hired a specialist to do the work on my house. Believe me, my family thanks me for sticking to what I know.

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