Leaseweb’s Specialized Partner Program – how do you step into someone else’s shoes?

Leaseweb Authorized Reseller 180pxIn our last blog, we wrote that the first step in creating a solid partner program and engage with the right partners is to define what a true partnership means: a partner is someone who will complement our abilities to accomplish what we cannot accomplish by ourselves, and vice versa. And that my success in achieving this, will be predicted by the success of my partner.

This is why we are now launching a worldwide Specialized Partner Program. Leaseweb is looking for Solution Providers such as Managed Service Providers (MSP’s), System Integrators (SI’s), IT Consultants and Value Added Resellers (VARs) to help us reach markets we have not reached before in the SMB, Mid Market and enterprise segments. Solution Providers will be able to take Leaseweb’s platform, benefit from our infrastructure and services and build additional services on top of it to create a coherent solution that matches the customer’s needs.

Naturally, the Specialized Partner Program provides upfront and backend monetary benefits including cash and deposit pay out and performance bonuses. Non-monetary benefits include business plan development, onboard training and enablement, data center facilities utilization, pre-sales and solution architect access, technical, sales and marketing tools, PR support, and much, much more. Partners will be able to see everything we are working on through open communication, and will have insight in all the statuses and product features. This clearly distinguishes us from our competitors.

We believe that with these benefits, the program can create a new level of service that comes with how we perceive partnership. Together, we can bundle our offer and create a more attractive portfolio by complementing our partner’s product line.

With the Specialized Partner Program, we would like to learn more about what our partners’ business is, understand their industry, their competition, how their stacked solutions should look like product wise, how they should be priced, and how our partners strive to be attractive and competitive to in their industry. We want to personally get involved and learn how our partners’ business works. To support this, we have created a dedicated channel sales and marketing team, while also investing in marketing support and development activities. This way we can offer a commitment that is transparent, supportive and versatile, aimed for a long-lasting relationship. With our offices on the US east coast, west coast, and in Singapore, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, we can provide focus on every geographical area, per vertical and per segment.

To establish a closer connection with our current and future partners, we chose to attend the Channel Partners Conference in Las Vegas this year, on March 16-18. We would like to speak to as many VAR’s, MSP’s and SI’s as possible through networking sessions at the conference and we will try to raise awareness not only for our brand, but also for all our current products and programs. Next to the Reseller and Referral Programs, the Specialized Partner Program will be the third channel program in place for partners.

Come visit us if you would like any information about our Specialized Partner Program, Reseller or Referral Partner Programs. Our colleagues Lex Boost, COO Leaseweb USA, Kyra Crosby, Sr. Partner & Channel Marketing Specialist, Brittany Beman, Marketing Communications Specialist and James Ford, Director Global Channels will be there to answer any questions you might have. We hope to see you in Vegas!

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