New Developer Portal and API Launched

DevPortal_APIIn today’s connected world APIs are a key element. Automation and integration is not possible without the use of APIs. APIs are used for communication between applications without user intervention. At Leaseweb we are using a lot of different APIs to automate processes, for example when delivering newly ordered servers. Most of the APIs are for internal use, but some are also available for our customers; indirectly by using our Customer Portal or directly via our public API. You can reboot or reinstall your servers, change DNS records, change IP reverse lookup and more.

In the last few months we have been working on revamping our current API to be more REST-like. By creating the API following the REST principals, the API will be easier to understand and to use, giving developers more time to develop instead of reading and understanding the documentation. Together with the new API structure, we are also launching a new Developer Portal for all our API documentation. You can find tutorials and code examples at the portal, as well as full documentation for all API calls.

In the next months we will extend and redesign all our APIs with new features and capabilities. More information will be added to the developer portal to support external developers. Are you missing features or functionality? Feel free to contact us via the website or twitter (@LeasewebTech).

Check out our new API and Developer Portal now @

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