The right solution at the right time: Leaseweb in 2015

Because the market continues to change, Leaseweb keeps developing new and innovative solutions to provide our customers with the best hosting solutions. Like previous years, we developed a lot of new features for existing products, expanded our global footprint and even launched new services. Here’s a selection of the things we introduced in the past year:

To give our customers a head start on the competition, we increased the data traffic amounts of all our virtual server packages by up to twenty (!) times. We also announced a partnership with NetApp in September. Our cloud portfolio is now standardized on All Flash FAS storage, which makes hosted applications much faster and more reliable.
In addition, we are currently developing several private cloud solutions based on different kinds of middleware. This enables you to use the technology you feel most comfortable with, using the high-class infrastructure of Leaseweb. These new cloud services will provide fantastic value for money.

Bare metal
As far as bare metal is concerned, we started fully automated private networking in our data centers this year. Using the Leaseweb Customer Portal or the API, customers can quickly scale their bare metal infrastructure within a data center, simply by adding servers to the private network. All connectivity between server racks is redundant and scalable, and the solution is suitable for organizations of all sizes. We also made the automation services that we use internally available to all our customers, to make server management as easy as possible. For these automation services, no support engineer is needed and customers can use the developer API to integrate into their own systems, or the graphical user interface of the Customer Portal. And recently we added Pay-As-You-Go for bare metal customers. This means you can pay per hour for a bare metal server.

There was good news for our CDN customers worldwide when we extended the number of PoPs. We opened new locations in Hong Kong, Miami, Dallas and Madrid. And while Leaseweb CDN focused mainly on large volume file transfer and distribution before, we now provide website delivery acceleration capacity as well. This makes web response times up to three times quicker. Add to this our advanced analytics dashboard, which includes real time end user monitoring, and it is easy to see that performance has been optimized considerably.

Because the number of DDoS attacks keeps growing (the first half of 2015 saw an increase of 50%), we launched Leaseweb Application Security Services. This cloud-based web application security platform provides all the key technical security solutions you need – in one single platform. It has a next generation Web Application Firewall (WAF) that was developed by Leaseweb, 600Gbps DDoS protection and Dynamic Web Application Acceleration. Utilizing the massive bandwidth of the Leaseweb Network and Leaseweb CDN, we are able to mitigate the effects of malicious attacks on your web applications. In short, it will make your website perform better and at the same time, protect it against attacks.

Security services are only one aspect of our efforts concerning security and trust. We also developed the Leaseweb Trust Model. It is based on our own compliance framework, which is now also used by EY. It allows prospects, customers and partners to easily present our certification to their auditors. This helps to quickly verify that the services provided by Leaseweb meet the very latest requirements. It also helps demonstrate to customers, shareholders and other stakeholders that you have the necessary compliance in place to counter concerns over issues like cybersecurity and business resilience.

The Leaseweb Partner Network
To further accommodate our (future) partners, we launched a new worldwide Specialized Partner Program in 2015. With it, we are looking for specialized partners such as Managed Service Providers (MSP’s), System Integrators (SI’s), IT Consultants and VAR’s to help us reach markets we have not reached before. Naturally, the Specialized Partner Program provides monetary benefits, but also business plan development, onboard training and enablement, data center facilities utilization, pre-sales and solution architect access, technical, sales and marketing tools and PR support.

This program complements our Reseller Partner program and our Referral Partner Program, which was re-launched this year and provides a more competitive, market-oriented and comprehensive package of products, services and support than before. In fact, it’s one of the most lucrative referral programs in the industry. All partner programs are part of the Leaseweb Partner Network.2016b

Through these solutions, developed and/or brought to market in 2015, we are able to simplify the complex process of selecting, deploying and managing the right hosting solutions for your organization. Together with our expertise, we’ll save you time and money, so you can focus on making 2016 your most successful year yet!

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