Why resellers choose Leaseweb Cloud

cloud_USP_controlThere are many cloud offerings on the market, and many hosting providers who would like to partner with resellers when it comes to cloud solutions offered to customers. How is Leaseweb’s cloud different?

First of all, we offer complete transparency. With Leaseweb, you know exactly what you will pay at the end of the month. We charge a flat fee, regardless of features, with no additional surcharges. This is a unique offering that you will not find with most of our competitors.

Our product is open source / no vendor lock-in – Leaseweb uses open APIs that give customers the greatest possible flexibility to change as they grow. Open APIs allow you and your customers to use the many different tools available to move data around, make usable snapshots and export images to store offsite, without limitations. When you deploy at any other cloud provider, it can be really difficult to migrate. At Leaseweb, you are not stuck with a vendor and there is no need to make major changes to middleware and code to speak with different cloud types.

Leaseweb’s cloud offers many features that allow resellers to add value for customers:

  1. White label
    Resellers can bring their own IPs and announce them on the Leaseweb platform, giving them full empowerment over the services.
  2. APIs
    APIs allow resellers to automate everything they would like. With APIs, you can easily create templates, service offerings, web shops or control panels.
  3. Private cloud
    The project functionality in our private cloud can keep resources separate for different needs, for example, splitting them up between production, development and testing teams. This is a good way for organizations to control access to information, resource assignment, and costs, since it is possible to manage directly on a project basis.

It also allows resellers to create sub-users and assign part of their resources to the sub-users. Resellers can create logins so they can manage many different users and give them access to part of the resources. End users also have access to all functionality and APIs.

With this functionality, resellers who do not provide managed hosting can simply chop up the provided space and move it on to customers. If a customer wishes to scale, the reseller can then add extra cores and assign them accordingly. The resources consumed per customer can be metered and therefore you are always in full control.

Would you like to learn more about how to partner with Leaseweb and reselling cloud to your customer base? Contact partners@leaseweb.com. You can also find us at the Dell Expo Tour on 20 May, in Munich, Germany, as well as ad:tech San Francisco, booth #1559.

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