Improving our CDN: Four new POP locations – and more on the way

cdn graphGood coverage of our Content Delivery Network (CDN) is key to our customers. The more Points of Presence (PoPs) our CDN has, the better you will be able to serve your end users. As part of our continuous CDN upgrade program, I’m proud to announce that we have opened a further four new PoP locations during the last couple of months.

We have prioritized the following strategic locations:

  • Hong Kong: to extend our presence in Asian countries. In total, we now have two CDN PoPs in Asia: one in Singapore and a new one now in Hong Kong so that our reach to Asian countries is enhanced while keeping our cost down.
  • Miami: to reach South America. Our Miami PoP will ensure direct connectivity to leading Latin American networks and reduces latency to customers in Central and South America. In 2015, the number of internet users in Latin America amounted to 327.8 million. This number will grow 50 million in 2018 and with this new PoP we are ready to serve them.
  • Dallas: our fourth CDN PoP in the United States, making connections to more than 300 million users faster and more reliable.
  • Madrid: to extend coverage in Southern Europe. This is our third PoP on the European continent and we are thrilled by the first performance improvements we are seeing in Spain since its implementation. You can see its impact below:


Blog Julien Lehman _ new pop locations latency







Blog Julien Lehman _ new pop locations throughput








To ensure the best quality, Leaseweb CDN only uses a dedicated infrastructure for its PoPs with topnotch technology that has been developed in-house and we never share our infrastructure with others. Earlier, I wrote about how we improved the performance and lowered the cost base of our CDN platform by migrating our PoPs to the third generation multi-carrier PoP. Of course, the new PoPs are also third generation, so we can continue to offer the highest standards at the lowest cost of the market.
And we’re not stopping there. In the coming months, PoPs will be getting under way in other locations in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. New and existing customers will benefit benefit from these.

Note as well that as part of our expansion, we are glad to announce the opening of our Leaseweb CDN office in San Francisco. Please feel free to contact Lorenzo ( for any further information.

We are able to extend our coverage thanks to you and we are grateful and excited about the new innovations, and we’re already preparing for next year. Due to your amazing feedback, we can improve our service continually. If you haven’t experienced it for yourself already, please sign up for your free trial.

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