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How we built SuperPoPs for our next generation CDN

hardwareEarlier this week, we announced the first expansion of our CDN infrastructure. When we launched LeaseWeb CDN back in June, we were serving 18 Gbps of data traffic. Since then, we have attracted new customers, pushing bandwidth usage to 150 Gbps. To support this growth, we had to significantly expand our infrastructure using SuperPoPs. Now, the word SuperPoP might sound nice, but what does it actually mean? What makes these PoPs so “Super”?

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100TB servers now available in the United States and Germany

Recently, LeaseWeb announced the launch of 100TB hosting service provisioned from our Netherlands data centers. With LeaseWeb 100TB packages, customers received a Dell or HP server, available in multiple configurations with 100TB of bandwidth connectivity a month, from a 1 Gbps dedicated port.The packages are available without setup fee, with generous discounts for quarterly, semi-annual, and annual prepayments.

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Major new services for LeaseWeb customers

In the Netherlands, gift giving occurs on Saint Nicholas’ Eve (5th December), with the arrival of Sinterklaas. This is the time when most children in the Netherlands receive their presents. At this time of the year, LeaseWeb is also planning to roll out some ‘presents’ for its customers that have been frequently requested.

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CDN beta update

About a month ago we started our CDN beta program to see how our system performs in a real-world scenario. The first results are coming in, so it’s time for a small update on where we are and how things are going.

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500 Gbps, another milestone

On our previous post (Biggest @ AMS-IX), we mentioned our upgrade at the AMS-IX to 120 Gbps and being the biggest AMS-IX traffic provider. We are proud to mention another threshold beaten: for the last week our traffic has been exceeding 500 Gbps, which is almost double of our traffic a year ago. This means we still double our traffic each year, and we currently expect this happening next year as well.

There are different estimations of the whole Internet traffic, but we may generate 0.5 up to 1% of the world Internet. In 2010 we will keep growing!


[2009-12-08 update: correction in percentage traffic]

Biggest @ AMS-IX

In my previous posts (Traffic Quadrupled) I mentioned the speed our total traffic is increasing. At this moment, our total traffic is almost hitting 500 Gbps (in April we did 300Gbps)!!

Last week, we connected another AMS-IX connection, which gives us a total of 120Gbps connection. At the very moment it was connected, we were already doing over 100Gbps at the AMS-IX. This makes us the largest traffic sending/receiving party on the largest internet exchange of the world! According to the AMS-IX there is no other company connected to the AMS-IX transmitting more traffic via the exchange as we do.

AMS-IX traffic @ LeaseWeb

AMS-IX traffic @ LeaseWeb

Traffic quadrupled!

This week we have broken the 300 Gbps (!!) traffic barrier we were facing several months. After the big increase we had since september 2007 where we went though the 200Gbps barrier� in October, only 6 months later we already exceeded the 300Gbps.

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