CDN beta update

About a month ago we started our CDN beta program to see how our system performs in a real-world scenario. The first results are coming in, so it’s time for a small update on where we are and how things are going.

Public beta tests are always exciting. First, there are the technical teams; eager to see the first ‘real’ customers on the platform and wondering if the load and traffic patterns are similar to the ones we tested, secondly there is the technical support team waiting for the first tickets to come in. Our teams have spent a lot of time and effort on building what we consider to be a great system, and the beta test is where it really starts to pay off.

Up until now, we have not found any significant bugs – you might even have used the CDN setup as an end-user, as we moved our public Mozilla mirror to this system to further increase the load. So when you download a Mozilla software package, chances are that it will be served by the Leaseweb CDN beta setup. This has been a considerable success: our monitoring reports show peaks of close to a million hits per hour on the mirror alone and the best thing about it is that the CDN infrastructure is not even breaking a sweat!

Parallel to the beta testing, we’re working on the details of the commercial offering to ensure we can offer solutions to our customers at the right price. Leaseweb customers are still welcome to join in the test – just contact your account manager or the sales team for the signup information.

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  1. Sun
    November 15, 2010 at 17:10

    Congratulations! I noticed the LeaseWeb link when I downloaded Firefox 4 Beta 7 and it brought a smile to my face. Your company if well respected for its ability to delivery bandwidth! :)

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