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Designing your application for growth

One of the most common requests we get is whether it is possible to upgrade a server (Bare Metal or Cloud) because the application hosted is too slow. Upgrading a server is not difficult, but what happens if the server has reached its limit? You would have to either migrate to a more powerful server, or if there isn’t one, find another solution such as employing more servers. In theory, the latter sounds easy to do. The only issue is that once you have built the foundations of your application, it becomes difficult to change. This is why it is important to plan in advance before building the application—to make sure that it can scale the right way, when it needs to.

Scalability is a sensitive matter, which highly affects the development of an application. It is not always the first thing developer’s focus on—but it should be when planning for the future. There are two methods of adding resources for an application and those are vertical (scale up) and horizontal (scale out). In this blog, we’ll go over those two methods as it is important to be prepared when developing an application. There is no right or wrong scaling tactic but the overview below will help you understand the pros and cons of both.

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5 reasons to offload your CPU with a GPU

In my role as a Product Manager at LeaseWeb, I constantly interact with our customers to find out how we can improve our products to fit their needs better. Quite often, I receive requests from customers for faster processors or even GPUs to accelerate their hosting platform.

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"Mens sana in corpore sano" - Our team in training for last year's Viking Run #LeaseWeb20 #throwbackthursday

test Twitter Media - "Mens sana in corpore sano" - Our team in training for last year's Viking Run #LeaseWeb20 #throwbackthursday

The cloud gives IT and business leaders a chance to rethink the effectiveness of their business continuity strategy:

System Administrator wanted. Do you have experience in managing internal IT Systems and broad software knowledge?