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Public Cloud Outage

As an IaaS provider, we host multiple storage systems to support our Clouds. Unfortunately, earlier this week one of these platforms was causing issues, resulting in major headaches for both us and, more importantly, some of our customers.

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Controlling traffic in your cloud

We’ve had a busy few months in the cloud team. In March this year, we launched the virtual network-backed Cloud product – giving customers the opportunity to use a private internal network to communicate between cloud instances. The advantages are obvious – free data traffic, easy scaling, and protected private traffic within your cloud. After the release, we worked on adding a load balancing functionality to the virtual network and software-defined firewall to make it easier for customers to balance and scale traffic. Last Wednesday, we released this functionality to all our Public Cloud customers – giving them the option to add a load balancer to their infrastructure via our Customer Portal.

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Scaling the Cloud: how we upgraded all of our customers’ instances

One of the advantages of cloud computing is the flexibility and redundancy it offers. If your cloud provider is running a fully redundant platform (in my opinion it can’t be done right  any other way), most maintenance tasks can be performed without any impact for customers.

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New Console feature for LeaseWeb Cloud and Virtual Servers

I am happy to announce the addition of the new Console feature for LeaseWeb’s Cloud and Virtual Server products. This new feature allows you to control your instances as if you were physically connected to the server. It is available for all Cloud and Virtual Servers instances ordered after 19 March 2012 (instances ordered before that date were delivered on a different platform).

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Using the LeaseWeb Cloud to scale your applications

Earlier this week, LeaseWeb USA launched our latest Cloud platform, resulting in a unified portfolio all across LeaseWeb’s locations. You can now set up Cloud services in three countries.

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Introducing the new Cloud products: Virtual Servers and Cloud

Today is another exciting day – we have just released additional Cloud platforms in Germany and the Netherlands and we restructured our Cloud portfolio!

The most important addition to our product lineup is the new LeaseWeb Cloud product, which combines cloud instances with a private virtual network. This enables you to create more advanced infrastructures while maintaining close control over data traffic consumption and access to your infrastructure.

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LeaseWeb Cloud: now available in Germany!

It has been another busy month for the teams working on LeaseWeb Cloud. After toasting to the go-live of the U.S Cloud platform, we didn’t take a break. Instead we prepared for another expansion. I’m proud to announce that all the hard work has resulted in a new Cloud PoP for LeaseWeb Germany in their state-of-the-art Frankfurt-based data center!

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LeaseWeb Cloud services expanding into the U.S.

Many of you probably know about our Cloud services in the Netherlands. In fact, since our new platform was launched, we’ve seen thousands of customers using our Express Cloud to host their applications. I’ve talked to quite a few of them and when I ask what they would like us to add, the answer is often: “More PoPs to choose from”.

I’m proud to announce that today, we took the first step in our global expansion by launching the LeaseWeb Cloud platform in the U.S.!

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Using Basic Firewall to protect your LeaseWeb Express Cloud instance

A while back we introduced the free Basic Firewall functionality for all Express Cloud Servers ordered after the 19th of March 2012. This is an easy way to add an extra layer of protection to your Cloud instance at no additional cost. Many customers are now using the Basic Firewall to further protect their infrastructure ever since we made it available, which is why I thought it would be a good idea to go through the features it offers – and to point out a few pitfalls when using them.

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Introducing free Basic Firewall functionality for LeaseWeb Cloud Express

As part of our continuous work to add exciting new functionality and further improve our products, we just released a new feature for the LeaseWeb Express Cloud product. As of today, you can find a new section our Customer Portal: Firewall Management for Cloud!

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