Huge traffic increase for all virtual server packages

PrivateNetwork_2_ScaleVirtual servers are a cost-effective alternative to bare metal servers. They function like a bare metal server, but run on a flexible virtualization layer. Leaseweb’s virtual servers suit all businesses, from small to medium workloads and offer a reliable, highly scalable infrastructure with full redundancy and fast network-attached storage.

Since data traffic will not stop growing any time soon and there never seems to be enough bandwidth, Leaseweb has some good news for new and existing cloud customers: we are increasing all our data traffic packages for cloud by four to twenty (!) times: to 4000 GB (Small) for the Server Pack S, 6000 GB (Medium) for the Server Pack M, 8000 GB (Large) for the Server Pack L and 10.000 GB (Extra Large) for the Server Pack XL.

With this change, we do not aim to only attract new customers and generate a short-term rise in sales. We deliberately include all our existing customers as well, to show we are happy with your business and care for our customers.

So what’s in it for you? The new data traffic packages mean you can generate much more data traffic than before, without having to pay anything extra. The offer is not just temporary, but permanent, and we have already adjusted all existing contracts. This means that customers who exceeded their data traffic limit last month, will – in most cases – not have to pay anything extra.

In addition to the permanent data traffic changes, our summer promotion will get you any of the virtual server packages at an amazing 40% discount. This means you can get a virtual server pack for under 3 euros, on a month-to-month contract, for the duration of your subscription. Does it get any better?

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