Why we don’t want satisfied customers

Leaseweb improves continually to meet your expectations

Listening to your customer is a key driver to success, as industry leaders show. The voice of the customer is articulated in an ongoing dialogue. When customers share their feedback, they expect you to listen, act and inform about the enhancements you have been making and are working on. And right they are. But even when the customer is satisfied, that is not good enough. Only when the customer’s expectations are met or exceeded, a satisfied customer can turn into a loyal customer.

At Leaseweb, we would like our customers to have the best experience, because we believe customer experience will be the key driver for future business success. This is why we use all kinds of methods to find out how customers are experiencing our products and services, like surveys, feedback by e-mail and social media. We want to hear from you about things you find go well, but also if something went wrong. It helps us to see things from your perspective and to stay ahead of your expectations.

Talking about customer satisfaction and even measuring it means nothing unless customers notice a difference on the ground. That’s why we constantly analyze every aspect of our business to identify sticking points and work out how to put things right. We act on the results of our surveys and tackle the root causes instead of simply remediating.

These are some of the recent changes we made based on your feedback:

  • Since we are constantly looking for ways to give customers more control over their infrastructure and solutions, we have broadened our range of APIs which facilitate back-end action and that can be integrated into your own applications.
  • To stress our commitment to our partners, we have created an Indirect Channel Team with some generous incentives and other benefits.
  • We have added new features to our products based on what customers told us they need. Private networking for bare metal servers has recently been introduced to make moving data around easier than ever and further features and improvements to the CDN are on their way.
  • After listening to customers and their suggestions for where we should go next, we’re developing plans to open data centers in Sydney, Tokyo and beyond. You point, we follow.
  • We have initiated a 90 days onboarding process for all new customers. We make sure they are well informed about the order status, offered any help they might need and know how to find their way to up-to-date information. This way we ensure they receive high service levels from day 1. With this, we hope to make any business new customers do with us more efficient and transparent.
  • We have mapped out points of improvement for every internal Leaseweb department separately, while at the same time making sure we tackle the root causes of possible problems. The customer journey is always leading in our process improvements.

Of course, this is not all, since we work continuously to create new products and procedures that improve our services and we will keep doing so. Please keep providing us with all your feedback so we can meet or exceed your expectations. We’ve only just begun.

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