The Leaseweb Knowledge Base is live

A New Year calls for new resolutions, and providing high-quality information to our customers is one of ours. Enter the new Leaseweb Knowledge Base!

A recent internal study revealed that our customer support, sales support, and technical support teams were spending a lot of time answering basic questions. In addition, some support requests were taking longer than necessary to resolve as time was consumed in getting the correct information from customers.

From this study grew the idea that a system was needed to replace the FAQ on our website, a system to provide self-help and reference information, and to enhance customer experience. This instigated the Knowledge Base project, and I feel proud to announce that the Leaseweb Knowledge Base has just gone live! You can access it at

New wine in a new bottle
The Leaseweb Knowledge Base, built on the industry standard Confluence enterprise wiki software, replaces the FAQ on our website. We’ve taken special care to guarantee that no information was lost in the conversion process. It won’t stop there. Maintaining the open character of a wiki, any Leaseweb employee can edit or add content in real time. We will continue to add and expand Knowledge Base content based on the experience of our support teams, improvements to our software, new Leaseweb offerings, and, most importantly, based on the feedback we receive from you.

A true Knowledge Base is never complete – it’s always developing – and ours is no exception. However, the new Leaseweb Knowledge Base is already great place to find reference information and procedures, with the information structured, reviewed, and indexed with your perspective in mind – accessible with just a click on the website.

In short, the Knowledge Base helps us to help you help yourself!

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