Introducing the new Cloud products: Virtual Private Servers and Cloud

Today is another exciting day – we have just released additional Cloud platforms in Germany and the Netherlands and we restructured our Cloud portfolio!

The most important addition to our product lineup is the new Leaseweb Cloud product, which combines cloud instances with a private virtual network. This enables you to create more advanced infrastructures while maintaining close control over data traffic consumption and access to your infrastructure.

Once you order a Leaseweb Cloud instance, we provide you with a virtual network – comparable to a private VLAN – that we use to connect your instances. All of your instances will get a private (RFC1918) IP address in your own virtual network. You can use this network for any internal communication, without impact on your data traffic allowance. The private network is not shared with other customers, so it’s a perfect way to shield communication between your internal systems.

Next to the private IP, we assign a public IP to every instance as well. Combined with the free firewall functionality this gives you an elegant mechanism for controlling access to your back-end systems. As mentioned above, we don’t charge for traffic within the virtual network – we only measure and charge for traffic to and from the public internet. The total traffic allowance for your virtual network can be increased when ordering new instances on the web site: just select any additional data traffic pack, and we’ll add it to the total traffic allowance for the virtual network.

With the introduction of the Cloud product described above, we’re changing our product names, to make things a little bit more clear. The Express Cloud product has been renamed Virtual Private Server, to make room for the new product.

We’re also introducing some exciting discounts on both new and existing products – take a look at our Cloud products for details.

Going forward, we will launch the same features in the US of course. We will also continue to add new features to both products – as the cloud world is constantly evolving, we’ll be doing the same in our feature set. As always, we love receiving your suggestions or comments – customer feedback is a great tool for further improving our products!

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