Introducing Unmanaged Database Installation on Dedicated Servers

At Leaseweb, the Product Engineering teams are constantly working on adding and improving features based on customer feedback. After learning about the need for easy deployment of a database server, Leaseweb is glad to introduce Unmanaged Database Installation on a single dedicated server instance. It allows for a basic setup of a single database as […]

Richard Copeland steps up as new Leaseweb USA CEO

Leaseweb USA is proud to announce Richard Copeland as the new CEO!  He receives a well-deserved promotion after being with Leaseweb for nine years – most recently as Sales Director for the USA. Richard’s passion for the industry and considerable experience make him the perfect fit for the position. Whilst outgoing USA CEO Lex Boost […]

Leaseweb Anycast DNS: What it is and how to use it

With Leaseweb’s Anycast DNS, you get it all. It’s a highly available, reliable, resilient and low latency Domain Name System (DNS). Leaseweb’s Anycast DNS is designed to give businesses an extremely reliable and cost-effective way to route end-users to Internet applications by translating domain names (e.g. into numeric IP addresses (e.g. that computers […]

How to Get to Know Your Customer in 2022

The 20th of January marked this year’s first ‘Get to Know Your Customer Day’. The day occurs four times a year, on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July, October) and serves as an important reminder for all businesses to reflect on their own service and consider what more they can do. The […]

To Mitigate Supply Chain Issues, Look to the Cloud

Even with the global supply chain crisis sparked by the emergence of COVID-19 and a sky-rocketed increase in consumer demand, eCommerce business is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, 2022 is expected to be another record-breaking year for the industry. Total U.S. eCommerce sales are projected to grow 16.1% and will increase 2.5% […]

Hyperscalers in the Cloud: How to Keep Your Flexibility and Independence

Easy Start with Hyperscalers Hyperscalers provide cloud compute and network infrastructure services on a large scale. Well-known hyperscalers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. These cloud resources are easily accessible and scalable. As service options and resource availability seem to be almost unlimited, these platforms attract many users and […]