Product Update 002

We have some good news that everyone can be excited about: the second Leaseweb product update is here! Processes are becoming smoother, new features are being added – and we want to tell you all about them.

We also want this to be a two-way conversation, so feel free to leave a comment below or fill out this short two-question survey.

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Improved Ticket Creation in Customer Portal

It’s now even easier to create a ticket for one of your servers. The ‘Create new ticket’ page now has a section to help you easily find your server when creating an equipment-related ticket.

Improved API Key Management

You can now set your own API access preferences in the Access Control section in the Customer Portal. Read our new Knowledge Base article to see how to create a new API key, change API key options, and enable / disable / remove an API key.

Product Extension: Metro Floating IPs

Metro Floating IPs allows traffic to be dynamically routed between multiple data centers within the same metropolitan area. These new IPs are useful for those with infrastructure spanning across multiple Leaseweb data centers, and make it even easier to scale up Leaseweb infrastructure.

You can now request Metro Floating IPs from the Customer Portal by following the process below. For more information click here to visit our Floating IP KB.

SSL Certificate Order Improvements

Ordering an SSL Certificate in the Customer Portal just got easier. The post-purchase email process has been improved and includes more relevant information, including validation instructions and your certificate as an attachment. These emails also serve as the main communication channel for any actions that may be needed going forward.

Easily Order Domain Names in the Customer Portal

Domain names can now be ordered from the Customer Portal. Search for the availability of a specific domain name, register a new (available) domain name and transfer an external domain name that you own to Leaseweb.

Additional VPS Details Now in Customer Portal

Licenses attached to a VPS are now shown in the Customer Portal. You will see the license that comes with the VPS under the ‘Software Licenses’ in the ‘Administrative details’ section (e.g. Plesk Web Admin VPS 10 Domains). Data traffic pack limits have also been added to the ‘Details’ page.

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