Product Update 001

You asked, and we delivered: the first official Leaseweb blog focused solely on product updates is here! 

We are constantly releasing new changes and updates, and we are excited to begin sharing them with you more frequently. Take a look at some of our latest innovations below and let us know what you think by leaving a comment or filling out this 2-question survey.  

Now, let’s explore what we’ve launched! 

Single Sign-On & Switching Accounts

With this update, you can enjoy the benefits of a single-sign on for all our customerfacing applicationsFor exampleif you visit our website to place an order after visiting the Customer Portal (where you’ve previously logged in), you do not have to log in again on our websiteThis results in a very user-friendly login experience and allows you to also easily switch between your different accounts. Please note that you are still always required to log in for security related portals.  

Transparency of Data Usage

VPS and private cloud customers (including VMware vCloud, VMware vSphere, and Elastic Compute) will now be notified when the data traffic threshold in your contract has been reached. Now you will always be aware of your data traffic usage and will not have any surprises on your invoices.  

DNS Improvements


We’ve been working hard to improve our DNS infrastructure, and are proud to say that now you can enjoy a highly available global Anycast DNS service. DNSSEC is now enabled as standard for all new domain registrations, and existing customers can secure their domain DNS data (for free) by enabling DNSSEC in the Customer Portal. Read all about it in our new blog, One-Click DNSSEC. 

 2. Anycast Network

Another improvement is that we’ve moved our DNS servers to an Anycast network. Now, all domains registered with Leaseweb will resolve using nameservers as close as possible to the user. This significantly improves your latency and is offered to you as a standard service without additional charges. We will soon be adding even more servers to the Anycast network to improve latency around the globe. Stay tuned! 

Anycast Caching Nameservers

In addition to our DNS servers, we’ve also moved all our caching nameservers to an Anycast network. All new servers will now use Anycast IPs. You can configure the following IPs to make use of the Anycast caching nameservers:  

Host Name  IPv4 Address  IPv6 Address  Location  2607:f5b5:3::3 


Global  2607:f5b5:2::2 



Using the Anycast caching nameservers will improve latency and increase availability during maintenance or outages of a nameserver. 

Easily Purchase SSL Certificates

We’ve made it easy to purchase SSL Certificates through our Customer PortalSimply go to the SSL Ordering page in the Hosting section of the Customer Portal and a wizard will guide you through the purchasing steps. (No really, we have a bot set up that will walk you through everything, step by step!). 

More Disk Options for Servers on

We’ve added even more options for dedicated server disk configuration, and they are now available in our web shop. Now, you can configure multiple disk sets and their RAID for various disks types (such as HDD and SSD (NVMe)) in one setup.  

Addition of Pro Forma

Customers can now easily anticipate the upcoming month’s finances with our new Pro Forma feature. See recurring itemsone-time fees and new purchases (not surcharges) up to one month before the next invoice. The Pro Forma is not an invoice (as close to an invoice as it may seem!). 

View your Pro Forma in the Customer Portal (under Finance’) or read more on our Knowledge Base.


As mentioned earlier, we’d love to hear your feedback – please fill out this 2-question survey or leave a comment below and let us know what you think and what you’d like to see next. Want to be informed when the next Product Update is out? Sign up for our monthly newsletter here and get the link sent straight to your inbox. Until next time!

  1. Stephanie Butler
    Stephanie Butler
    August 21, 2020 at 14:27

    This was wonderful, thank you very much!

  2. Taylor Zant
    Taylor Zant
    August 24, 2020 at 12:43

    Thanks for your feedback Stephanie!

    August 25, 2020 at 9:59

    Very good to see more disk options for dedicated servers! Now we are more flexible and this makes it easier to configure the servers we wanted. Keep up the good work.

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