Five Years of Managed Momentum – a Leaseweb Growth Update

It’s always fun to take a moment to look back on past successes – both internally and with our customers – and share some of the exciting accomplishments we’ve made as a Leaseweb team.

Among the many exciting aspects about working in our industry is the pace of innovation and the challenge of anticipating customer needs. That’s been a big driver of success at Leaseweb, particularly over the past five years as the cloud revolution has become deeply embedded into the mainstream tech strategy.

In that time we’ve hit some significant milestones, including an increase in global footprint by opening new DCs in the UK, Australia and Miami. We launched notable product developments such as new backup, anti-DDoS protection and additional cybersecurity services. We now also offer disaster recovery services and floating IPs to recover from unexpected unavailability. We also have grown our networking capacity to 10TB, offering exceptional quality to our customers. All this enabled us to achieve great success and grow at twice the market average since 2015. That’s an achievement we’re very proud of, especially given the highly competitive nature of our industry.

It’s a tribute to the commitment and talent of our worldwide team. From my personal point of view, it’s a real pleasure to share the success of the company globally.

Telling the story of the past five years wouldn’t be possible without talking about a few of our customers. We focus, and always have, on industries that created and build the Internet. They are the cloud and Internet developers, the builders and challengers. They speak our language. Take Adjust or Algolia for example: they have been with us for years and together we have grown over the last five years. There are many more examples, each showing how committed tech partnership can enable businesses to meet their potential, take advantage of new opportunities and compete on the international stage. In an age of limitless opportunity, successful and strategic tech partnerships can help companies reach the once-believed unreachable.

Looking ahead to the next five years and beyond, our belief in the benefits of reliable technology backed by exceptional customer experience remain central to everything we do. I’m sure the tech industry will continue to ride the wave of innovation and Leaseweb will continue to be there to provide reliable services globally.

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This article was written by Alexander Kalkman, Chief Marketing Officer at Leaseweb.