Leaseweb’s new Partner Program: greater incentives and benefits

Plus the full range of Cloud, Bare Metal and CDN services!

This week, we launched a new-look global partner network program to offer reseller and channel partners a more competitive, market-oriented and comprehensive package of products, services and support.

This program replaces our previous four-level reseller partner offering which was based on product count. The program has been enlarged and is now a six-tier system that is not only simpler but also promises greater potential benefits for participants. The new program is based on revenue and covers our entire line of products and services, including Cloud, Bare Metal and CDN services which were not previously included.

Following an extensive review of current market offerings, we found there is no clear market standard for how discounts are calculated for reseller partners. Also, many reseller needs remain unmet, including support for lead and opportunity development, enablement training, partner portal resources and marketing support.

A wider range of discounts and benefits will help our partners to better compete and earn in today’s challenging market. The new program will provide more extensive support and marketing services, including everything from onboarding training, a Partner Locator and help with business development planning to better promotions and seeding options.

To help reseller partners make margin from Day One, we are introducing a “Grace Period” which allows them to get a discount right away. After a certain time (depending on the agreement), we will check if they have reached that discount tier or not. If they do, they remain in that tier. If not, they will be placed in the tier appropriate to the revenue they were actually generating.

One of the more unique features of our new program is the trust we place in our resellers. We believe that their success is our success so we see no need to tie them into long contracts. From now on resellers need only sign up for monthly contracts which give them much more flexibility and prevent them from over-committing themselves.

To ease the transition for existing Authorized Reseller Partners, we will preserve the current discount levels for the next six months. After that, a re-evaluation will determine how to best help partners move to the new, six-tiered system. We will assign a partner manager to each existing reseller to help accounts change to the new model smoothly and seamlessly.

The new Partner Program is great news for resellers. In addition to the discounts on offer, we are also giving them total control over pricing and have acted to prevent channel conflicts. Resellers can now add their normal discounts on top of any online promotional offers to ensure they are always offered an attractive deal on our products.

The new Reseller Partner Program is part of the Leaseweb Partner Network. Are you interested in becoming a Leaseweb Partner? Visit our site to learn more about our programs.

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