A million views and counting – find out what’s new about our Knowledge Base

The Leaseweb Knowledge Base (KB) makes all information about our products and services instantly available to the online community – making it not just a storehouse of powerful information, but an actual audit of the work happening at Leaseweb, empowering you to easily resolve issues, quickly find solutions, and access unlimited storehouse of information. The KB is evolving, and we encourage you to be part of this interesting journey. With your constructive feedback, we can create and make relevant information reach millions of visitors, thereby enriching your user experience.

Lkbatest information at your fingertips
Your Knowledge Base experience must be a smooth and easy one. That’s why the Leaseweb Knowledge Base now displays the top key terms that are most searched by visitors, making it easier for you to locate such information. Also, on the homepage, you now get a quick view of the top trending articles that are in demand. And that’s not all – the KB also shows you the articles that have been recently updated to reflect the latest information. This helps you to keep track of the latest developments and service enhancements provided by Leaseweb. For you to tweet your thoughts to us, you can now use the newly introduced interactive tweet box.

Getting your insights
No Knowledge Base is complete without participation and feedback from visitors. So we want to hear from you about what information you are really looking for and what is currently missing. It’s the suggestions and feedback from users that enrich the KB experience. Our online visitors are no longer passive readers – they have already started to actively share their suggestions with us using the feedback tool, and we’re working to develop articles around them.

We want to get your insights and know what type of additional information you would like to see in it. To do that, we introduced a new feedback tool. It is available on every page, encouraging you to quickly share your suggestions and tell us what more information you want for the specific topic you are reading. The purpose is to understand what you really need and to develop support topics around it.

Developing content constantly
The Leaseweb Knowledge Base gets around a million views a year. This platform offers you updated information about product development, service enhancement, support, precautionary measures, tutorials and manuals. With the latest implemented changes and your input, we want to make the Leaseweb Knowledge Base a powerful tool for information – easy to use and relevant to meet all your knowledge requirements.

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